Dr. Tom Marshburn (NA1SS) - University of Alabama at Huntsville Space Hardware Club, Huntsville , AL, 1549 UTC on 21 March 2013

Dr. Tom Marshburn (NA1SS) speaks to students at the University of Alabama at Huntsville Space Hardware Club, Huntsville , AL, at 1549 UTC on 21 March 2013 via K4UAH. Dr. Marshburn answered the following questions:

1. What is your greatest challenge on the Space Station?
2. Is it fun to be an astronaut?
3. How long is your training before you go to space?
4. How do you stay entertained in space?
5. Are astronaut suits comfortable?
6. Do the stars look bigger in space than they do on Earth?
7. What does Earth look like from space?
8. How is life in microgravity?
9. Is it fun to be in space, and is it scary?
10. Does floating in space make you nauseous?
11. What do you miss most about Earth?
12. What classes did you take in high school and college to prepare for being an astronaut?
13. What is your inspiration to choose this career?
14. What do you do while in space?
15. How does it feel to not have to walk to get somewhere?
16. Are there any TV’s or internet to use for entertainment?

Reception quality varied considerably during the pass. This pass was a 34 degree max elevation pass at my location in North Carolina. A horizontally polarized (parallel to Earth's surface) antenna was used to make the recording.

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Tom Marshburn (NA1SS) - UAH Space Hardware Club - 21 Mar 2013

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