ARISS Contact with W1TMS February 28, 2013 at 15:55 UTC

Cmdr Kevin Ford talking with W1TMS, Talcott Mountain Science Center, Avon, CT. This was a 40 degree pass over central Pennsylvania (FN11). The clicking heard is the old Alliance antenna rotor working in the background.

Questions heard were;

1 Kimberyly ... The distance traveled in a day and what the crew can see on earth.
2 Aneshia ... Space debris and risk of the ISS being struck
3 Mikiah ... How life in zero gravity compares to life on earth
4 Kylie ... What to study in school to become an astronaut
5 Michael ... Messes in orbit
6 Christoff ... Moving things around in space
7 ? ... How to bathe or wash in space

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W3MAT – Thu, 2013 – 02 – 28 13:01

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