Kevin Ford OR4ISS with Liceo scientifico Giacinto De Sivo–Fondazione Villaggio dei Ragazzi, Maddaloni, Italy-Nov. 20, 2012-08:36 UTC-telebridge via IK1SLD

The high school Liceo scientifico “Giacinto De Sivo” of the “Fondazione “Villaggio dei ragazzi” of Maddaloni has been always committed, since its birth, to spreading out the scientific knowledge, particularly focusing on the main scientific aspects. Its main goal is to promote new teaching strategies able to put the students in a dynamic perspective. The arid knowledge, based only on handbooks, must necessarily be abandoned, to advantage an approach based on the research and on the critical discussion of the learning. The "Liceo scientifico" is a part of the "Villaggio dei Ragazzi" foundation, that is composed by 6 different fields of study: Technical, Aeronautics, Musical, Linguistic, Transports and Logistics and Scientific High Schools. All the 1500 students of the Foundation will be involved in the project promoted by the Scientific Lyceum as simple auditors, while our students will be active participants.
Age Students 14-18.

Students First Names & Questions:

1. What view from space made the biggest impression on you and why?

2. When and why did you decide to become an astronaut?

3. If space were an opportunity to build a new world, how would you make it and is there anyone you love you would take with you?

4. What type of training did you do for this mission?

5. Do you believe that in the future someone will live into empty space?

6. Do you do a special diet?

7. How is it to see the dawn and the sunset from the space?

8. How long did it take to go into the space?

9. The space is a special place: is it how have you imagined it?

10. When are you coming back?

11. What can you see out of the porthole?

12. What is the ISS speed at the moment?

13. How do you feel without gravity?

14. What’s the aim of your mission?

15. What is the Italian contribution in this space mission or, more generally, in space missions?

16. What’s your typical day?

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