Akihiko Hoshide OR4ISS with Scuola "Nino Costa" Priocca e Comprensivo Govone. Nov 8, 2012 12:05 UTC by IK1SLD

Recorded during ARISS contact at Planetarium of Turin Museum of Astronomy and Space.

1. Erica: How did you train for the space mission?
2. Francesco: When did you decide to become an astronaut and what schools did you attend in order to do that?
3. Ivan: How do you feel before leaving for a space mission?
4. Davide: How do you communicate with your family? Do you miss them?
5. Paolo: What kind of experiments are you doing onboard the ISS now?
6. Margherita: What are your emotions when you are in space and what’s the Earth like seen from above?

7. Umberto: What’s your daily routine in the space? Is there a difference between night and day?
8. Sabina: How do you supply yourselves with water?
9. Alessandro: Did you have the opportunity to land and wander outside your ISS?
10. Matteo: Is getting along with one another easy or difficult onboard the ISS?
11. Gabriele: What’s the temperature like onboard your ISS?
12. Denisa: What do you usually do in case of damage or a breakdown or if an astronaut gets sick?
13. Sanae: Can plants grow onboard your ISS?
14. Leonardo: Are you scared when you are onboard?
15. Francesco: Which problems are connected with the absence of gravity?
16. Francesca: What material is your space suit made of?
17. Stefano: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you come back on Earth?
18. Matteo: What do you usually eat onboard?
19. Alessandro: How do you keep fit?
20. Antonio: How do you dispose of waste and rubbish onboard your ISS?

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