Kevin Ford (NA1SS) - Cumberland Elementary School, West Lafayette Indiana 1735 UTC on 30 October 2012

The following questions, generated by students attending Cumberland Elementary School, were proposed to be asked. This recording goes through question 18. The signal is pretty weak at first but by the 1 minute mark begins to get strong.

1. What does the inside of the space station look like?
2. Where does the waste go?
3. How did you get into the space capsule?
4. What is it like to miss your family on the space station?
5. What is the temperature outside of the ISS?
6. How do you get into the Space Station without letting air get out?
7. How long does it take to get to the moon in a rocket ship?
8. Does popcorn pop in space?
9. What do you study when you are out in space?
10. Do you have animals up there?
11. What is astronaut food like?
12. How far away is the moon?
13. What does space look like?
14. What happens when someone becomes sick or hurt on the ISS?
15. What do you do in an emergency?
16. Does the temperature around the outside of the ISS stay relatively the same year round?
17. How do you cook food on the station?
18. How long does it take to get to the moon in a rocket ship?
19. How the astronauts stay in bed without falling out since there is no gravity?
20. Is there wind in outer space?
21. Do they carry a repair kit if something tears their suit?
22. Is there a doctor on the ISS if an astronaut gets sick?
23. Have they ever run out of a particular supply?
24. How many hours are they allowed to sleep per day?
25. Does spending time in space make an astronaut feel more tired than on Earth?
26. What was your favorite subject in school?
27. If you weren’t an astronaut what job would you like to have?
28. What do the continents look like from space?
29. What other schools have you talked to from space?

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KC9QKU – Thu, 2012 – 11 – 01 13:28

Kevin Ford

I had originally attributed this contact to Akihido Hoshide. After I read the published information, I saw that Kevin Ford was scheduled to make the contact. I think it is correct now.

Submitted by KC9QKU on Tue, 2012-11-06 09:35.

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