Capt. Sunita Williams (NA1SS) - E. Falmouth Elementary School, E. Falmouth , MA, 1741 UTC on 26 October 2012

Capt. Sunita Williams (NA1SS) speaks to students at East Falmouth Elementary School, East Falmouth , MA, USA at 1741 UTC on 26 October 2012 via N1HOQ. She answered the following questions:

1. How does it feel to be the commander of the International Space Station?
2. What kind of experiments have you done this time on the ISS?
3. Have you ever gone outside of the Space Station?
4. What do you do in your free time?
5. What does it feel like to learn how to float in air?
6. Is it scary when you just launch off to space?
7. Have you seen anything explode in outer space, like a solar flare?
8. How do you communicate with different countries and people from the Space Station?
9. Is the Space Station done yet or are they going to add more to it?
10. Is it cold, hot or just right in the space station?
11. Where does space trash come from and are you afraid of it?
12. What do you use to connect to mission control?

I was unable to copy the end of the contact due to distance from Massachusetts.

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