Capt. Sunita Williams (NA1SS) - Burns Sci-Tech Charter School, Oak Hill, FL, 1818 UTC on 13 September 2012

Capt. Sunita Williams (NA1SS) speaks to students at Burns Sci-Tech Charter School in Oak Hill, FL, USA at 1818 UTC on 13 September 2012 via telebridge station KK4KTJ . She answered the following questions:

1. Do you keep your food cold?
2. What do you miss the most about the earth?
3. What food do you miss the most while in space?
4. What is the brightest city you can see from space and how do you know it is that city?
5. What is one project you are working on now?
6. How do you get oxygen in the ISS?
7. Does being in space affect your metabolism?
8. When you are on a spacewalk were you ever afraid?
9. What do you have Robonaut 2 doing on the ISS now?
11. How do you take a bath in space?
12. Iā€™m in the second grade. What do I need to learn so I could become an astronaut?
13. What planets can you see from the ISS?
14. What did you learn in space that surprised you?

I was unable to copy further answers due to distance from the telebridge station.

Happy Birthday to her Jack Russell Terrier on his 11th birthday!

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