Akihiko Hoshide (NA1SS) - Space Jam 6, Rantoul, IL, 1007 UTC on 5 August 2012

Akihiko Hoshide (NA1SS) speaks to youth at Space Jam 6 at the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum, Rantoul, IL, at 1007 UTC on 5 August 2012 via WB9SA. He answered the following questions (pass already in progress):

4. Do you like flying helicopters, airplanes or spaceships best?
5. Can you see your home from space?
6. Can you swim in the air in the space station?
7. What is the most important change in the space station?
8. Is it true that it will take over a year to go to Mars and back?
9. What vegetables can you grow in space on your way to Mars?
10. Do you think we should artificially isolate a test crew for a year?
11. During a heavily automated flight to Mars, how would you personally fight boredom?
12. Will the crew on a Mars mission have both men and women?
13. Could the landing capsule on Mars transform into a self contained rover with wheels?
14. How will spacesuits be different on Mars and have you tried on the Mark 3 spacesuit?
15. Is it true that dust devils on Mars create huge static electrical charges?
16. Will we find water on Mars and where?
17. Do you think we will find life on Mars?
18. Is there any atmosphere on Mars to support flight?
19. Is radiation 100 times worse on Mars than Earth and how can we protect people?
20. Are there lava tubes on Mars that could become living space for people?
21. Is it possible that a crew on Mars would be out of communication for some time because of the planet’s rotation?
22. Will we have a fulltime Moon base soon?

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AL0I – Sun, 2012 – 08 – 05 06:59

love-space vs earth

i wonder if astronauts or cosmonauts feels the same way the romantic love feelings in space comparing when they're on earth. considering the human heart's physical changes on space?

Submitted by isaiahwisdom (not verified) on Thu, 2012-08-16 06:45.

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