Capt. Sunita Williams (NA1SS) - Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton, VA, 1407 UTC on 26 July 2012

Capt. Sunita Williams (NA1SS) speaks with youth at the Virginia Air & Space Center (KE4ZXW) in Hampton, Virginia at 1407 UTC on 26 July 2012. She answers the following questions (and a few extra):

1. Why did other countries help America and Russia build the ISS?
2. What do you do when you are bored in space?
3. Is the food good in space?
4. What happens if you break a bone?
5. What do you do in space?
6. Are there any unknown satellites?
7. What made you want to go into space?
8. Is it scary going into space?
9. What's it like seeing shooting stars every night?
10. Is the look of space cool?
11. Where do you intend to go in outer space?
12. Is there anything you want to discover personally?
13. Do you like it better in space or on Earth and why?
14. Do you have previous experience flying?
15. Did you ever have a fear of flying?

20 mph winds were whipping my antenna and mast around during the pass, so the first and last few answers are scratchy (sorry).

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