Sunita Williams contacts Women in Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology on 2012-07-23 at 13:27 UTC

Good to hear from a fresh voice on the ISS. Looks like Sunita could be doing alot of school contacts during her stay. This was NA1SS contacting W2RIT in Rochester, NY USA on 2012-07-23. My recording starts at 13:34 UTC and stops at 13:41 UTC. These are the questions she answered -

5. If the ISS is designed to be in permanent orbit, are there adjustments that are made to maintain orbit and how are they accomplished?
6. What do I need to study in school if I want to be an astronaut?
7. While you're in space do you have any peculiar content in your dreams?
8. Do Astronauts get haircuts while at the ISS? If so, how?
9. How do the astronauts know when to wake up and go to sleep?
10. What type of research are you doing
11. Without gravity, when you exercise do your muscles feel tired and how does it differ from exercising on Earth?
12. Do you feel more nauseous or hungry in space than on earth?
13. What tools do the crew members on the ISS use to gather information?
14. What is different about boiling water when you are on the space station?
15. Do you stop aging when you're in space?
16. How do you keep your food from floating away when you’re eating?
17. How many miles do the astronauts travel each day?
18. Why do astronauts travel to space?

Nazareth, PA USA

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