Working the Voice Repeaters

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The freqs are correct, eh? There is one cross-band split repeater that is U/v and the other is V/u with PL? And the UHF freq on both of these is the same -- 437.800? One repeater the UHF is up and on the other it is down?

Since one does not know the schedule of when things are turned on (is this correct?) then it would seem that one needs to listen on 437.800 before doing anything. If you hear someone there, then you know to use the V/u with PL. If you don't, then switch to the VHF downlink freq (145.800) and listen.

Is that really the "procedure"? Or, is there a schedule I've missed?

I've not heard anything on either crossband, nor on the VHF split, as yet, but have gotten packets thru over the past few weeks. I know they turned off the radios when it was near time for the rest of the crew to dock (at least, it was in the daily schedule...).


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