Joe Acaba (NA1SS) - Cirqiniq Summer Camp, Kuujjuaq, Quebec on 04 July 2012 at 1423 UTC

Joe Acaba (NA1SS) speaks to youth at the Cirqiniq Summer Camp, Kuujjuaq, Quebec (Nunavik), Canada on 04 July 2012 at 1423 UTC. He answers the following questions:

1. What physical fitness requirements are needed to deal with the launch and stay in space?
2. How do you maintain your physical fitness levels while on an extended stay in space?
3. What are the psychological issues you face when preparing for a first time visit into space?
4. Are physical activities more difficult in space than here on earth?
5. What kind of food do you eat?
6. Does your diet change from that on earth?
7. What is the most significant impact on you, while in space, so far?
8. On your return to earth, how long does it take to overcome the effects of zero gravity?
9. Do you sleep well on the space station?
10. Are you gaining weight or losing weight while in space?
11. Do you communicate with family and friends and how?
12. Has anyone been sick on the space station?
13. What do you do when not working or not on duty?
15. Have you had any encounters with other life forms while in space?
16. What can you see on Earth (i.e. lightening, jets, city lights, structures)?
17. Is the brain affected in any way by zero gravity ƒ_" do you focus better or the same?
18. Does your reaction time or reflex improve in zero gravity?

Elevation on this pass was fairly low, so reception was spotty. I was not able to hear the end of the contact so the last few questions are not in the recording. I also deleted one answer due to poor reception quality.

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