Dr. André Kuipers (NA1SS) - STEM Solutions Youth Summit, Dallas, TX, 1810 UTC on 28 June 2012

Dr. André Kuipers (NA1SS) speaks to youth at the STEM Solutions Youth Summit, Dallas, TX, at 1810 UTC on 28 June 2012 via telebridge station K6DUE. Dr. Kuipers answered the following questions:

1. To you, what is the modern-day Sputnik moment for the United States?
2. What high school or college subject do you think has been the most helpful in your work today?
3. What can I do now to prepare for a career in science, math, and/or technology?
4. What is the most interesting thing you've learned since going into space?
5. How can I get my peers excited about science, math, and technology?
6. Do you have technology, like the internet, on the space station to keep up with current news?
7. How did your field of study and academics eventually bring you to a career with NASA?
8. What should I, as a high school/college student, be studying right now if I want to work for NASA someday?
9. What is it like, seeing hurricanes and other major events from space?
10. How often do you get to talk to your family and friends?
11. What does a typical daily schedule look like on the space station?
12. At what point in your youth did you think you wanted to be an astronaut?

I was unable to hear the last couple of minutes of the contact. Also, it seemed that ISS transmissions dropped out prematurely for some reason in a couple of instances.

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