Looking for recording of 5/24/2012 ISS contact

Does anyone have a recording of the 5/24 contact. The contact was at 10am Arizona time between the ISS and Northland Prep. Academy in Flagstaff Arizona. I was the radio operator and made a recording directly from the mixer at the school. Unfortunately the recording was lost due to a technical issue.

73, Ken

KenH – Sun, 2012 – 05 – 27 13:37

flagstaff contact

I recorded about three minutes of the downlink voice from the ISS on an Iphone. The audio is decent.
I was in Savannah TN. so I only got one side of the QSO.
I would be happy to send it to you if that will help. Just let me know.


Submitted by K4SDS on Wed, 2012-05-30 01:56.


Thanks, I'll take what you have.
e-mail the file to KF7DUR@aol.com

Submitted by KenH on Wed, 2012-05-30 10:37.

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