new iss crew breaking records

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In May of this year 2012 Russian cosmonauts Gennady padalka, Sergei revin, NASA astrount joseph m acaba will fly to the international space station on the Soyuz tma o3m will launch and dock with the international space station. The crew will be there till September but won’t leave without breaking some records first. Gennady padalka will be the first 3 time commander of the international space station in its history also he will be in the top 5 of longest time in space “days”. This mission will be the be the first time the new Soyuz spacecraft has become the perminite Russian vehicle to the iss. I’m sure there will be many more exciting times on this mission and it will be a thrill to watch. Also I how astrount joseph acaba does radio for our fan club.

griffinh – Mon, 2012 – 04 – 23 23:47

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