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After many months and several dozens of attempts, this finally happen.
Andre Kuipers had some problems to get my call right, but after repetition it got right.
He got delighted to hear the call was from Helsinki " Aaa, oo, how nice to talk to Helsinki, Finland"
Hopefully I get the QSL card of this.


: Jari / OH2FQV

OH2FQV – Mon, 2012 – 04 – 23 19:31

Congratulations Jari! I've

Congratulations Jari! I've also tried that time, but you were lucky ;-). I'm pretty sure that have your QSO voice record of Andre. I'll put it here when I'll find few minutes to post-process the file and remove silent seconds. If you are interested, I can share it also directly to you.

Submitted by SQ5NWI on Wed, 2012-04-25 03:31.

Very interested

Hi, thanks of the voice offer, I would be more than happy to hear how it went at other location than mine.

There were Dutch station with ISS before I got through - with lots of luck ( and loudest voice..?? )
You will get ISS soon. Mr. Kuipers seems of being fairly active on ham radio, so that increases the possibilities to get it worked.

It took lots of trials and disappointments. But as most of the things in life, hard work pays.

Seems hard to get signal through to the ISS from this far north (kp20), not that at the best ISS is on radio horizon for some 10 minutes. But with determination and lots of luck it was made. ( Thanks to Jukka - oh2lbs, to inspire me to keep going on )

Looking forward to hear the audio if its not too much trouble to ask.

Email is: my call (a) google com if you wish to send it to me directly.

Thank you's to everyone who gave the gap for my transmission.
Best luck for everyone to get ISS worked.

: Jari /oh2fqv

Submitted by OH2FQV on Wed, 2012-04-25 16:25.

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