Does anyone still use this site?

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The info here seems to be a little old. I'm very new here and was wondering where the work day schedule is located. I see a post here and ther on the forum, but really wonder if this site is still used.

kf5nld – Sun, 2012 – 04 – 22 18:10

Re at : Does anyone still use this site ???


This site is rarely used because the ARISS amateur radio station in ISS is used almost entirely for "public relations" traffic with schools.
Surely this can develop some vocations but the amateur radio community investment is diverted to the NASA's use only!
Look as administrations publications are talking about contacts with schools as were radio amateurs who "work " ....... But it is unspoken in the reports .......

The repeater is out of service for several years ..... SSTV rarely activated
The last US astronaut amateur radio "on order" responded (at 95%) to OM in the USA cutting the ARISS station out of the US zone ......

For information on the ISS it is best to go directly to the NASA site

To replace the ISS SSTV see the following site if you do not already know:

Since there are almost no chance to contact / listen the ISS or use the repeater you understand why this site is asleep and almost dead .........

73 s
Bernard - FY1LE

Submitted by FY1LE on Mon, 2012-04-23 11:48.

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