Reading Data of Kenwood ts 2000 on pc

Hiii everyone.
I recently bought a new TS-2000 transciever.
I interfaced it to my pc using ARCSii ,HRD and MCP2000.
All are working fine but i am not able to read the recieved data of TS-2000 via serial port.(we are trying to receive the data using fsk modulation scheme sent at freq 432.95 MHz)
Not on hyperterminal nor on termite.
If there is any other interfacing software for TS 2000 then please suggest.
So i will be glad if anyone has any help for me.
Thanking u.

csat – Mon, 2012 – 04 – 02 10:31

Re:Reading Data of Kenwood ts 2000 on pc

You can read data from the internal tnc with hypeterminal when the radio and pc are set to the correct port baud and tnc is switched on in the menu rate but you won't be able to run other programs ARCSii,HRD or MCP2000 at the same time on the serial lead if that's what you trying to do.

With my TS-2000 setup I use pc soundcard UISS with Soundmodem software for ISS and connection using this CAT lead then you run HRD or Orbitron for tracking and Doppler and this lead for the 13 pin din socket on rear of radio this then will key-up the radio and send the data and will work with HRD, UISS,MCP2000 and all other software.
This setup will allow you work all the data modes in HRD and satellite tracking and other software and also work the ISS with UISS and Soundmodem.
This is what it looks like running HRD+Satellite Tracking and UISS
And running APRSIS32 just for ISS only

The other way to connect would be using signalink interface

Hope this helps.

Submitted by G7HCE on Wed, 2016-12-07 13:50.

I have a similar problem with

I have a similar problem with Kenwood TS-2000. Kindly tell me if my understanding is right. Data that is received by the transceiver can be read into the PC using the aux port provided at the back of the transceiver. And the data that is to be transmitted needs to be sent via the 8-pin DIN port provided on the front-side of the transceiver. If that is the case, can someone guide me as to how to go about with the transmission of data from PC, in terms of what software is required, etc.?
Thank you.

Submitted by rashankar1995 on Wed, 2016-12-07 00:20.

Re: I have a similar problem with

Data IN/OUT and PTT is via the ACC2 13 pin socket on the rear of the TS-2000 connections as shown on page 95 of the Owners Manual and not controlled from the volume knob but is fixed level which can be adjusted in the MENU 50C value.

Submitted by G7HCE on Wed, 2016-12-07 15:51.

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