Dr. Don Pettit (NA1SS) - Parkside Elementary School Contact on 02 March 2012 at 1643 UTC

Dr. Don Pettit (NA1SS) speaks with students at Parkside Elementary School, Atlanta, GA, USA on 02 March 2012 at 1643 UTC via telebridge station K6DUE. Students asked some of the following questions:

1. I love learning about space! Did you have an interest in space when you were young?
2. How has your educational background and training prepared you to be aboard the ISS?
3. What prior preparations are needed before an astronaut is cleared to travel in space?
4. How did you feel the first time you launched into outer: space?
5. My ears pop sometimes when I am on a plane. Did your ears pop when you left Earth?
6. How long did it take for you to reach the ISS after launch?
7. I have eaten MRE food before and love it! Do you get tired of eating space food?
8. Does your appetite change while you are in space?
9. Do your sleep patterns change while you are in space?
10. What would happen if you ran out of supplies on the ISS?
11. What experiments are you currently conducting aboard the Space Station?
12. What risks do you encounter on a daily basis on the ISS?
13. Since there are six crew members aboard the ISS, how do you decide what type of music everyone will listen to?
14. How many days have you been in space?
15. How often do astronauts perform space walks?
16. What is the most exciting thing you have seen in space?
17. What type of team work goes into living aboard the International Space Station?
18. How often are you able to communicate with your family and friends during your stay on the ISS?
19. What new technologies have recently been developed due to the ISS missions?
20. How is space debris being prevented?
21. Has the International Space Station been through a meteorite shower or has it ever been hit by space debris?
22. What do you miss the most about Earth while you are on the ISS?
23. What type of vehicle do you use to return to Earth after your mission is complete?

The recording does not include the very end of the contact (out of range).

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