Did I make contact?

Been trying for a few days with a less than optimum setup, and UISS5.2.8

I've been watching the ARISS.net page and see my callsign, so I click on it and see raw APRS Data on findU.com:

Position of W3UTD --- 11.7 miles southeast of Huntingdon, PA --- Report received 19 minutes 13 seconds ago
Status: 271239zUI-View32 V2.03

Raw packet: W3UTD>CQ,RS0ISS-3*,qAR,K3AS:=4021.15N/07752.30W-Fraser in Harrisburg, PA, FN10bi

Does that mean I made it to the ISS?

W3UTD – Mon, 2012 – 02 – 27 18:36

Yes, contact was made.

Yes it does. The asterisk in the callsign RS0ISS-3* shows that this was the station that digipeated the packet, so the ISS received your packet and retransmitted it.

I'd suggest saving the data. You can also send for a QSL card, although just to be sure you might want to try again and see your packet digipeated directly before doing so (see the QSL section http://issfanclub.com/qsl ).

Dave, KC9GHA

Submitted by KC9GHA on Mon, 2012-02-27 21:52.

Awesome ... now I must try to

Awesome ... now I must try to wipe the smile from my face :)

Submitted by W3UTD on Mon, 2012-02-27 22:12.

Contact via

Looks like your packet was successfully relayed via the ISS. Here are some explanations for some of the data.

W3UTD>CQ, -->your callsign
RS0ISS-3*, --> * indicates relay station heard by IGATE
qAR,K3AS -->ground station hearing and relaying (the IGATE).

Submitted by N5VHO on Mon, 2012-02-27 21:39.

w3utd via iss

I decoded two packets via iphone tonight at 19:25 as the ISS passed over.
Both had your call in them along with several others.

congrats on your contact.


Submitted by K4SDS on Mon, 2012-02-27 23:10.

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