ISS Contact

It appears to me the ISS is not active over the US; are they taking a break?

KA0SWT – Sat, 2012 – 02 – 04 04:13

ISS Contact

I heard Andre talking to someone during the pass over UK at 18.00 UT

Submitted by John Hislop on Sat, 2012-02-25 14:46.


Cant remember where i read it,but are they going to try some ham radio on HF frequencies from the iss?
Whatever the case maybe the radio is definately under-used.and after watching this utube vid,its a radio hams dream come true, would be for me anyway.

Submitted by M0ODV on Thu, 2012-02-09 22:14.

yes it was a dream

it was a dream come true for me. ever since i became a ham i always wanted to contact "outer space" well in november 2010 i did it.. to hear him say kb5nbj welcome aboard was a great feeling. it took me years of learning and purchasing the right equipment to do it. i talk to him three times. on the 20 of november i made contact and we spoke about the video he was going to make. i soon for got about it in the joy of the contact. i had my wife kf5jaf whom just got he call in that day speak to him. it was her second contact as a ham. we now make fun of her by saying, nobody wants to talk to her but the man in the moon, and she has no were to go but down hihi. go to utube and put in my call and listen to her make her contact it is funny. well the next day the 21st i was timing my contact with the good pass and made the now famous invite to doug for steak dinner...that was on a saturday i think, any ways the next week i started getting emails and text messages about it. one guy called and said "hey i heard you on the nasa channel". a guy in england emailed our club president about it. here is the best thing, i did all this for a qsl card for my grand daughters to have and put on our club wall. now we all have one better. the video. the mayor of our city will make it big deal if i can ever get him to come to our club meeting and let me buy him that steak dinner...(come on doug we are waiting). it was nice to hear how loud and clear my station sounded in space.
please keep trying for your contact. it can be done, pratice,pratice, and pratice. if you saw my station you would see it really is " nothing but junk"....kb5nbj/w5ssv club call hope to hear you from space...73

Submitted by kb5nbj on Sun, 2012-02-19 07:52.

ISS Packet

The ISS Packet station should be ON.. I talk to Dan Burbank SR. in CT on HF during the week and Last week I asked if he would request his son to turn the Packet Station on for us. He sent his son an E-Mail and now it is on.
Bill N1HVH

Submitted by N1HVH on Mon, 2012-02-06 15:49.

ISS Packet is OFF

Greetings.. The Packet station on the ISS has been off sinse the 6th. I asked Dan Burbanks Dad about this and he said his son had mentioned that at times they will need the antenna for other uses and also some times during the sun to night changes, the antenna may get too much Sun and get too hot and the system will shut down. Next week when I talk to Dan Sr., I will ask him to see if his son can turn it on again. Bill in Vero beach, FL.

Submitted by N1HVH on Fri, 2012-02-10 09:24.

KT5TK-11 Balloon?

The BLT-28 Payload :
Frequency-Agile APRS Transmitter with Telemetry
USA = 144.390 MHz FM
mid-Atlantic = 145.825 MHz
Europe = 144.800 MHz FM
KT5TK-11 available at

Submitted by EA7OP on Fri, 2012-02-10 15:20.

Ku antenna

The antenna that overheats due to Sun issues is the Ku antenna (used for video and high data transfers) and has no impact on the amateur radio system. The Russians do switch the Service Module amateur radio antenna over to a different system that monitors Soyuz telemetry but that only occurs when the Soyuz undocks to return the crew to Earth.

The Russians seem to think something is wrong with the radio in the Service Module but the one currently in service has only been there for about 3 years.

The one in the Columbus module operating on 437.55 has been on the ISS for over 10 years and is working well.

Kenneth - N5VHO

Submitted by N5VHO on Fri, 2012-02-10 12:25.

UHF Columbus module

Kenneth are you saying it IS possible to contact the ISS on 437.550 ? What mode and any pointers you can give me would be great!
St. Francis, MN

Submitted by W0ALS on Thu, 2012-02-23 19:07.

UHF packet

The ISS currently operates a packet system from the Columbus module on 437.55 in addition to the 145.825 system in the service module. Both have a packet digi (alias of ARISS) and mailbox. They basically operate the same just on different frequencies.
Kenneth - N5VHO

Submitted by N5VHO on Fri, 2012-02-24 11:24.

1st time on UHF BBS


I tried the UHF packet for the 1st time and YES its works fine over here
I believe its the Ericsson FM transceiver at the Columbus module!.
It is a little bit harsh in tone ( looks nervous hi hi ) . I really enjoyed it .thanks OM

Also I'm looking for the UHF BBS command file! any links?

Below is my 1st msg

cmd:C RS0ISS-1
cmd:*** CONNECTED to RS0ISS-1
Logged on to RS0ISS's Personal Message System
on board the International Space Station
Message saved as Msg # 44

73 Nader / st2nh

Submitted by st2nh on Fri, 2012-02-24 17:02.

Both VHF and UHF BBS are on.

Both the VHF and UHF personal Message System
on board the International Space Station are on this-days
Here is the command file for UHF BBS .
Please do not ask for this help file from the ISS! specially if you in NA ,
Europe or Japan!! It is a big delay the other using traffic and APRS .
The ISS BBS commands are here! Enjoy it.

cmd:c rs0iss-1
cmd:*** CONNECTED to RS0ISS-1
Logged on to RS0ISS's Personal Message System
on board the International Space Station
B(ye) B [CR] disconnects you from PMS.
H(elp) H [CR] or ? [CR] displays this help file.
J(log) J [CR] displays a list of callsigns heard (optional date/time)
K(ill) K n [CR] deletes message number n (only to/from your callsign).
KM(ine) KM[CR] deletes all READ messages addressed to your call sign.
L(ist) L [CR] lists the 10 latest messages.
M(ine) M [CR] lists the 10 latest messages to/from your callsign.
R(ead) R n [CR] reads message number n.
S(end) S (callsign) [CR] begins a message addressed to (callsign).
SB Sends Bulletin
SP Sends Personal
ST Sends Traffic
Subject: ending with [CR].
Text: End each line with [CR]. End message by
typing /ex [CR] or CTRL-Z [CR]
at the beginning of a new line.
SR(eply) SR n[CR] Sends a reply to message n prompting only for text.
V(ersion) V [CR] displays the software version of the PMS system.

- Logged off

Submitted by st2nh on Sat, 2012-02-25 17:57.

SHADOW Experiment

I am a member of the Russian group involved with the SHADOW experiment, and they report the following:

"ISS Shadow Beacon Experiment postponed to May-June 2012
Word has been received from Russia that the ISS Shadow-Beacon
Experiment, announced earlier in November, has been postponed until the May-June 2012 timeframe.

This will give time for a new amateur radio transceiver to be delivered to the ISS by cargo vehicle and give the crew more time to prepare for the experiment.

The SpEx website is:"

New transceiver being delivered to the ISS? Maybe the radio is bad; I saw something about it being 10 years old and needing fixing or something like that.

May be off until June 2012?


Submitted by on Fri, 2012-02-10 00:22.

I think the inhouse cleaner

I think the inhouse cleaner has been in and pulled the vhf packet radio out of the socket and plugged the vaccum cleaner in !!!!!

Cheers Dave

Submitted by Dave Dawson on Thu, 2012-02-09 17:29.

good deal there, now the

good deal there,
now the next would be to get Dan to pick up the mic on lunch or what ever and just start making calls, I listen to every pass just for that incase....


Submitted by KF1BUZ on Wed, 2012-02-08 23:59.

ISS On-Line Today

I saw but did not participate in BBS/Packet commo today on the 2300 and 0000 passes over western US. Back up I guess.


Submitted by on Sun, 2012-02-26 21:49.

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