11/01/2011 20:05 UTC Mike Fossum School Contact and General Contacts with Ground Stations

Caught the last part of the school contact starting with question 9. Also the following locations and partial callsigns after the official contact: Knoxville, KC9QKU, KS5UBA?, WA?ZZG, NA5GPA, N3IYI, W8KRF. See below for the school info and questions.

Sundance Elementary School first opened in 1980 as a K-5 elementary
school in the Poway Unified School District in San Diego, California.
Our diverse student population of nearly 500 students encompasses almost
20 different languages. Our motto is “Work Hard, Be Kind, Dream Big,
No Excuses.”

We believe that the district college readiness goal for all students is
important. Each class has adopted a college and during the year will be
learning the school’s chant or school song to sing at our weekly
Friday Flag assemblies at 8:10 on the playground. On Thursdays we
encourage everyone to wear college gear as a reminder that we can all go
to college and we need to begin preparing now.

Students will ask as many of the following questions as time allows:

1. Why is the space station up there?
2. What does space look like? Can you see Mars?
3. How do you tell night from day on the ISS?
4. Is there water in space?
5. Since there is no gravity in space, are you actually taller in
height than you are on earth?
6. Are there any changes to your body from being in space so long?
7. Do you dream differently or act differently in space?
8. What do you eat in space?
9. What food do you miss most on earth?
10. How much money does it cost to launch one rocket into space?
11. If you brought a bird in space with no gravity, would it be able to
12. How long does it take plants to grow?
13. Have you ever brought an animal other than a chimp in space?
14. Is there any TV or entertainment in space?

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KC9QKU – Tue, 2011 – 11 – 01 23:16

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