Strange ISS sighting (not flaring at all)


About 30 minutes after a sunset, I was ready to watch a predicted pass of the ISS. The sky was still blueish and I'm pretty sure I saw the ISS passing not bright at all. First, it appeared as predicted, flaring for a second and then it became just black. It was like a black dot flying at the same speed that I'm used to see for the ISS. I have very good eyes and I'm pretty sure it was not an airplane.

Can somebody tell me if it's possible to see the ISS as a black dot when the sky is still blue after sunset?


deerek4 – Fri, 2011 – 08 – 26 20:39

how to have ISS tracking on my desktop


I would like to have the ISS tracking on my desktop (say a visiting card size) so that my attention should always be on that and also to have its appearence as and when it passes over my place. As a matter of fact I have recently purchased a telescope exclusively for this purpose. hope many of you know this and provide me full details.

thanks a lot,

Surya Prakash C N

Submitted by suryacns on Tue, 2012-01-10 10:38.

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