ARISSAT-1 Message with the historical conversation!

I receive ARISSAT-1 on 145.950 MHZ in FM
on the 08. August 2011 at 22:14 UTC in JN77sn with

Azimut: 77,5°
Elevation: 16,9°
Distance: JN77sn to ARISSAT-1 = 1.056,658 km

You can hear the historical conversation between Yuri Gagrin and the russian ground control.
At the end you hear the secret word what you need for the ARISSAT-1/KEDR Reception Report Certificates.
I am pleased to receive this historical conversation via ARISSAT-1.

vy 73 to ALL de Christian
(SWL-CHMY in JN77sn)

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145.950 MHZ in FM ARISSAT - MSG with the historical conversation!

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SWL-CHMY – Fri, 2011 – 08 – 12 15:17

reception report certificates

a chi bisogna chiedere per averlo? esiste un indirizzo e-mail?

Submitted by davideland on Sun, 2011-08-14 16:33.

Reception Certificates

Here is a link for that info -

I have submitted a few - but have not received a response yet - I'm sure they are receiving a lot (maybe not anymore :-( ) Has anyone received a certificate, and if so, how long did it take?

Submitted by sigbigdig on Sun, 2011-08-14 22:47.

Reception Certificates

I think it varies a lot.

I have submitted reports for SSTV, Telemetry and Secret Word.

The SSTV one was submitted about a week ago (nothing yet)


I submitted TLM and Secret Word one about 23 hours ago and got a certificate for the Secret Word report just 3 hours ago. So about 20 hours.

So it can vary, don't worry. :)

Submitted by Shane_M on Mon, 2011-08-15 00:49.

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