TSNIIMASH upgrade ET Shadow website

Hello folks,
I have visited the TSNIIMASH website recently, and discovered that the ET Shadow project has been upgraded along with the rest of the TSNIIMASH website. It did appear to be in the doldrums for a while. It has a new look as well.

All participants that have previously registered may need to re-register, I saw a list with one individual on it, so I re-registered, now there are two.

I don't know if they plan to add previous registrants or require those still interested to come back and voice their interest by continuing their registration.

The new URL's for the project are as follows.

Main TSNIIMASH website.

Main ET Shadow page.

World participants list.

All the best, VK3KUF.

VK3UKF – Tue, 2011 – 08 – 09 19:06

NEW!!! Timetable of enter in air for master stations has updated

Hello All,

Valentin has updated the Shadow site with new information.

See the Schedule on the "news" link on the Shadow website.


Vlad, EU1XX.

Submitted by EU1XX on Fri, 2011-11-25 17:40.

Shadow schedule, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, P.N.G.

Greetings to all,

A beacon is going to be broadcast every few seconds from the ISS during this experiment. 145.825 MHz FM

Only the assigned master ground stations are permitted to transmit to the ISS during this period.

Master stations in all countries should have all received instructions from Valentin.
You have your time tables for your transmission periods.

I desparately need all Australian and New Zealand stations RX logs for the ISS for the next two days.

SpEx Shadow experiment will be conducted during the following times,

Experiment Times UTC

12 of November UTC.
8.55 - 9.02
10.29 - 10.39
12.06 - 12.15

13 of November UTC.
9.30 - 8.41
11.06 - 11.16

For Australian Ground Monitor Stations in AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight saving Time)
AEDT applies to Victoria, Tasmania, N.S.W.

12 of November AEDT.
7.55pm - 8.02pm
9.29pm - 9.39pm
11.06pm - 11.15pm

13 of November AEDT.
8.30pm - 8.41pm
10.06pm - 10.16pm

Other Australian Time Zones.

South Australia is on ACDT (Australian Central Daylight saving Time)
South Australian stations need to subtract 30 minutes from the AEDT times above.

Queensland is on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Queensland stations need to Subtract ONE HOUR from the AEDT times above.

Nothern Territory is on ACST (Australian Central Standard Time)
Nothern Territory stations need to subtract ONE HOUR and THIRTY MINUTES from the AEDT times above.

Western Australia (Western Central Time (Eucla Time Zone))
Eucla Time Zone stations need to subtract TWO HOURS and FIFTEEN MINUTES from the AEDT times above.

Western Australia is on AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)
Western Australian Stations need to subtract THREE HOURS from the AEDT times above.

Other surrounding countries.

New Caledonia

Same as AEDT
Stations in New Caledonia use the same as AEDT times above.

New Zealand Times

New Zealand Stations need to add TWO HOURS to the AEDT times above.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea stations need to subtract ONE HOUR from the AEDT times above.

If you are unawares of this experiment, please see this old page for a fairly quick understanding
of what this is all about. The links are old and need updating, but the gist of the story is still the same.
The page above mentions the old frequency 145.800,
the current receive frequency for ISS is 145.825.

Check out the link posted by Vlad for the most recent news.

You don't have to be an amateur radio operator.
Anyone that has the capability to receive and decode the Space Stations
packet radio signals can do this.

The links to download the receiving softwares,
AGW packet engine.

UISS space communications software.

Spacecraft tracking software is not required,
but is nice to have just to see where they are.
There are many. I use David Taylors WxTrack.

The project is to study the effects of the use of plasma engines in near Earth proximity.
These are the new generation of spacecraft propulsion.
It is my hope that this technology keeps advancing
to the point where we will need to hire some Scotty's and Captain Kirk's.

All the best,
Kevin, VK3KUF.

Submitted by VK3UKF on Fri, 2011-11-11 20:08.

E.T. Shadow update November ISS digipeater on / off schedules

Hello folks,

Valentin has updated the Shadow site with new information.

See the November Schedule on the "news" link on the Shadow website.


Kevin, VK3UKF.

Submitted by VK3UKF on Sun, 2011-11-06 15:53.

Timetable of enter in air for master stations has updated

Hello All,

Valentin has updated the Shadow site with new information.

See the Schedule on the "news" link on the Shadow website.


Vlad, EU1XX.

Submitted by EU1XX on Fri, 2011-11-11 09:39.

Updated Shadow Timetable for 23rd Master Stations Only

Hi folks,

Valentin has updated the timetable page for the 23rd.
Individual On / Off times for the master stations are listed for,



Corrected timetable for 23-10-2011

Cheers, Kevin.

Submitted by VK3UKF on Sun, 2011-10-23 09:15.

Transmitter on soon.

Hi Stewart,

I don't know. I also thought there was only the one txr.
Maybe there will be a squeeze in somewhere.
14th of the 10th 2011, 16:50 is approaching, the transmitter will be on soon. It'll be a few orbits before it gets here though.
I hope it will still be on, and all goes smooth.


Submitted by VK3UKF on Fri, 2011-10-14 12:31.

E.T. Shadow Project new schedule

Hello folks,

I have just received an email from Valentin Strashinsk​i with some new information regarding the Shadow Project.

As follows,

Для проведения сеансов космического эксперимента (КЭ) "Тень-Маяк" на Международной космической станции ("холодная фаза КЭ "Тень") бортовая аппаратура «Спутник» будет включена в режим ретранслятора по следующему графику.

Дата Время включения МДВ Время выключения МДВ
14.10 20.50
17.10 12.25
21.10 20.50
24.10 12.25
26.10 18.40 20.50
27.10 17.40 20.00

Задача каждого участника простая – во время включить аппаратуру в режим приема пакетной связи на несущей 145,8 МГц, записать сквозной прием маяка с ключевым словом «Shadow-beacon» и выслать этот лог-файл на адрес shadow@tsniimash.ru, копия на vastra@mail.ru с указанием полного имени (Ф.И.О.), позывного, точного почтового адреса, краткой характеристики приемника и антенны и, если знаете, географического возвышения антенны. Уместны также фото рабочего места, антенны, да и ваше лично фото было бы приятно получить. Некоторые уже прислали, за что спасибо.
Маяк будет работать непрерывно в указанных интервалах, для индивидуального расчета времени приема рекомендуется использовать Orbitron и выбрать себе подходящее время для наблюдений. Полезным наблюдением для статистики является также запись произвольного радиообмена через ретранслятор RS0ISS, но запись надо начинать до того, как МКС войдет в зону радиовидимости, а закончить после того, как выйдет. Это можно делать когда угодно, а на мерных витках, когда работают задающие станции, вас ждут всех.

The space experiment "Shadow - beacon" (the cold phase of SpEx "Shadow") on ISS will be performed in a digipeater mode according to the following schedule.

Date switching on GMT switching off GMT
14.10 16.50
17.10 08.25
21.10 16.50
24.10 08.25
26.10 14.40 16.50
27.10 13.40 16.00

The task of every individual participant is to switch on his gear in right time at 145.8 MHz, register the beacon signal with key word «Shadow-beacon» and to send the resulting log-file with addition of full name, call sign. exact post address, short description of the gear and antenna and the actual height of the antenna if known to shadow@tsniimash.ru, copy to vastra@mail.ru. Also desirable are photos of your site, antenna and of you personally. Some people have sent already, many thanks.
The deacon will be in air during the specified intervals so you may use Orbitron (or what else) to choose right time to make your own observations in particular merely registering free radio traffic through digi RS0ISS (it is useful for statistics), but in “measuring” orbits, when any master station is ticking, you are wanted all.

All the best,

Kevin, VK3UKF.

Submitted by VK3UKF on Wed, 2011-10-12 12:42.

Apparent Schedule Conflict

So if the first period of operation is from 14-17 October, which takes precedence: Astronaut Mike Fossum's JOTA operations on 15-16 October or Shadow Project ops since both supposedly use the same 145.800 MHz frequency? Or are they using two transceivers and planning to transmit at the same time on the same frequency?

Submitted by AL0I on Wed, 2011-10-12 19:56.

New Shadow experiment schedule information and links

Hello folks,

I have today, received some messages from Valentin Strashinsk​i
from TSNiiMASH for today and tomorrow.


В разделе "Новости" ознакомтесь с рекомендуемым расписанием начала
мерных витков в сеансах 22-23.10.11
КЭ «Тень-Маяк».

In Chapter "News" see Timetable of beginning of measuring orbit during
SpEx “Shadow-beacon” sessions 22-23.10.11. (recommended)

Here are some links to those pages mentioned.


NEW TIMETABLE FOR 22 - 10 -2011

Время начала мерного витка, UTC
Beginning of a measuring orbit, UTC
9:53 10:22 10:52 11:22 11:52

9:12 9:41 10:11 10:41 11:10 11:40 12:10

There is also news for Master Stations
This provides links to software that can be used along with AGWPE for the Shadow experiment.
Software on this page is by
Gennadi Tjapichev, RA3XB, Kaluga, Russia and,
Guy Roels (ON6MU) of Belgium.


AGWPE (Packet Engine) by SV2AGW download link

An example log file link also exists on the news page.


Информация по космическому эксперименту "Тень-Маяк"
The information on space experiment "Beacon Shadow"‏

Вниманию участников космического эксперимента "Тень-Маяк" на МКС.
Администратор любительского радио на МКС, сотрудник ракетно-космической
корпорации "Энергия" Сергей Самбуров (RV3DR), подтвердил, что аппаратура
включена в режим ретранслятора с одинаковой частотой вверх-вниз 145.8 MHz FM.

Attention all of Shadow team!
Atención a todo el equipo Shadow!
Sergey Samburov (RV3DR), the employee of space-rocket
corporation "Energia" which is responsible for an amateur radio on ISS, confirmed,
that this radio is turned on in the digipeater mode with Worldwide packet
uplink and downlink equal 145.8 MHz FM


Cheers all,
Kevin, VK3KUF.

Submitted by VK3UKF on Fri, 2011-10-21 10:25.

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