Luitpold-Gymnasium Munich, DN2MQT, March 17, 2011, School contact with Paolo Nespoli, OR4ISS

ARISS School Contact with callsign DN2MQT

Radio coordinator and technical support: Michael Lowack, DK1KC
Amateur radio organization: DARC
Coordinating teacher: Joachim Hoffmueller
ARISS mentor: Peter Kofler, IN3GHZ
Students: Phil Timmann, Daniel Scherer, Fabian Hellauer
Questions asked by Niklas, Daniel, Tim, Daniel, Severin, Dominik, Lena, Raphael, Natalie, Lizzie, Tassilo, Alena, Alina, Marco, Mateusz, Dariush, Jakob, Thilo, Korbinian, and Kilian
The signal was loud and clear all the time.

Luitpold-Gymnasium Munich says a big "thank you" to our supporters from DARC and ARISS!
Joachim Hoffmueller

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jhoffmueller – Sat, 2011 – 03 – 19 06:01

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