IR0ISS School Contact Cittadella Mediterranea della Scienza (IZ7EVR) in Bari, Italy Saturday, 8 January 2011 at 12:21 UTC.

freq. 145.800, ant. vertical La ISS è passata sul centro Italia, a metà tra il mio qth (Avigliana, TO) e Bari. [i]ISS passed between my qth (North-West Italy) and Bari (South Italy)[/i] Il QSO è in italiano con Paolo Nespoli che risponde alle domande degli studenti (che ovviamente non ricevevo) [i]QSO is in italian with Paolo Nespoli who answers to the questions of the students (that obviously I didn't receive)[/i] 73 Giorgio IZ1RFD
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iz1rfd – Sat, 2011 – 01 – 08 09:33


During the pass over The Netherlands at 12.25 h I received 3 short fragment of the school
contact with Italy. During the next pass at 13.55 h there was still a school contact, also with Italy. This time I received it loud and clear. A fragment (the last part of the contact) you can here in this recording, it takes a moment for loading:
Receiving was at 145.8000 by a Uniden UBC3500xlt scanner with a home-made 137.5 MHz QFH antenna at 3 meters high.

Submitted by Janos13 on Sat, 2011-01-08 13:38.

IR0ISS 2nd passage

Qui c'è la registrazione del secondo passaggio [i]Find here my recording of the second passage[/i]
Submitted by iz1rfd on Sat, 2011-01-08 14:43.

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