NA1SS Col. Doug Wheelock 11/21/2010 2226 UTC

Contacts start at 11:45 N6RSX, KD0EXV, N0KGM, N0WAR, W0PD, W5SSV (KB5NBJ)
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na7q – Thu, 2010 – 11 – 25 17:28

wrong call in picture

not sure who to get this to i could not find a link on here to contact any one.
my call in the picture that comes after w5ssv should be kb5nbj not kb6nbj id any one knows whom i can contact to change it please let me know de kb5nbj

Submitted by kb5nbj on Wed, 2011-10-26 21:09.

i am n0war aaron in loveland, colorado

i contacted doug on the iss 16 times on voice from nov. 2nd till the 24th.
it was AWESOME!
for half of the contacts i used my kenwood tm-d710 with 50 watts on an arrow jpole and on the other half of the contacts i used a borrowed radio from k1tj. that borrowed radio was a motorola mara trac 150 watt radio from a fire truck!

Submitted by n0war on Mon, 2010-11-29 20:03.

i was working the club call w5ssv

it was nice to talk to doug. i was using the club call and invited him to dinner. i hope he collects. it will be nice to have him come to our club. thanks doug.

Submitted by kb5nbj on Sun, 2010-11-28 20:29.

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