Made my first APRS and voice contact today - Woohoo!

Spent the weekend getting set up to do packet and this morning I made my first packet contact. Felt great!! Wrote about it on my blog at

A few mins ago (21:07z) I made a voice contact with NA1SS after wondering why I wasn't hearing any packets on a great pass directly over me. I switched to the voice frequencies and there it was. What a great feeling to make that first contact.

If anyone recorded the pass over the northeastern US when I made a contact at 21:07 I would love to have the snippet.

What a thrill and relatively so easy!

K2DSL - David

K2DSL – Sun, 2010 – 09 – 19 17:18


Great job! I have been trying for a little while but have thus far been unsuccessful. I am not using the best equipment for the job, a mobile with a supergainer 7500 at 50 watts, but I hear contacts with mobiles all the time so maybe it is just a pile up or I need to go for a lower angle pass where my antenna (omni) will reach out. I think there have also been a few contacts with a ht (but probably an Arrow Handheld or some similar homebrew) I was thinking of building an eggbeater or a yagi but maybe that will be a winter project (not so great on the soldiering but a great way to practice). Great blog nice website! 73 -KC2VGK

Submitted by KC2VGK on Mon, 2010-09-20 09:18.

it is do-able

Keep trying, you'll get it. I made contact recently from Detroit with 50 watts into a quarter-wave whip from my mobile. I think it's all a matter of timing your call so that Col. Wheelock picks you out of the pile-up. I followed the suggestions of some others on here and what worked for me was quickly giving my call phonetically followed by my location. i/e: "whiskey kilo 2 x-ray, detroit michigan" pause a couple sec, repeat. Eventually I heard " detroit, michigan?" and contact was made from that.

Now that I think of it, it was on a low elevation pass to the north of my location .. so maybe keep an eye out for passes like that where most of the satellite's footprint is over sparsely populated areas (like northern Canada).

Good luck and post when you make it!

73 de Wk2x

Submitted by arswk2x on Mon, 2010-09-20 13:02.

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