NA1SS (Col. Doug Wheelock) working U.S. and Canadian Stations on 15 September 2010 at 2224 UTC

Col. Doug Wheelock (NA1SS) works U.S. and Canadian stations on 15 September 2010 at 2224 UTC. Stations worked include the following: NH, KB1SWZ, Savannah, GA, Nanticoke, PA, KB1UBP, VE1WX and KC3MA.

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AL0I – Wed, 2010 – 09 – 15 18:55


I made contact tonight, but he got my call sign wrong. I'll have to try again! :)


Submitted by Starzz on Wed, 2010-09-15 20:35.

That's Awful!

That's awful! I feel bad for you and all the other stations he works but for whom he apparently doesn't copy the call sign. I hope you got a recording on your side of things.

It would be interesting to hear a recording or two of some of the passes from the perspective of the ISS operator. I bet it is a nightmare trying to untangle the calls.

Submitted by AL0I on Wed, 2010-09-15 21:10.

I know how you feel....

I too had the same experience - he got "Victor Alpha Three Something Foxtrot Mobile" from me but not the full call. I had a business colleague in the car at the time and was trying to convince him that I really could talk direct to the Space Station!!

Oh well - I'll try again....

Keith VA3QF/mobile

Submitted by Keithb on Fri, 2010-09-17 16:27.


Finally got a confirmed callsign back from NA1SS - 16th Nov at 15.31 EST.

The first attempt was as above; the second Doug came back with "VE3QF mobile" instead of "VA3QF mobile"; the third he got me correct as "VA3QF mobile" on my second call.

Interestingly I had changed from a 5/8ths wave on the trunk lid to a 1/4 wave in the middle of the car roof. I am wondering if the improvement with contacting the ISS was because the main radiation lobe of the 1/4 wave is tilted upwards whereas the 5/8ths has the main lobe more towards the horizon (better for normal terrestrial mobile operation, of course!)

Doug advised that he is scheduled to return to Earth on the US Thanksgiving Day holiday, so I wonder if we will hear less random contacts after that?

Submitted by Keithb on Wed, 2010-11-17 10:03.

Today I received my NA1SS QSL

Today I received my NA1SS QSL card from Radio Amateurs of Canada!

Submitted by Keithb on Tue, 2010-12-14 13:46.

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