NA1SS (Col. Doug Wheelock) working U.S. and Canadian Stations on 08 September 2010 at 2044 UTC

Col. Doug Wheelock (NA1SS) works U.S. and Canadian stations on 08 September 2010 at 2044 UTC. Stations worked include the following: KE5EKO, NG9Y, K9GWL, W9MCS, N9CUE, AJ4WT, VE2NY.

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AL0I – Wed, 2010 – 09 – 08 17:12

Also worked numerous California stations

Made contact with Col. Wheelock on a great pass over Northern California on a 5 watt Bendix King hand held On the 8th.

Submitted by K6MEU on Sun, 2010-09-12 17:03.

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