ARISS on my Handheld scanner?

Hello, I was just wondering if I would be able to pick up ARISS with my handheld scanner (Realistic pro 70) I live in the UK.



Just took my scanner outside whilst flew over and was reciveing some strange noises on 145.8250. Kinda screechy.

liamcarbin – Wed, 2010 – 08 – 25 16:58

Those noises were the packet

Those noises were the packet station on board the ISS, so if you were receiving those well then you will have no problem with voice. I believe it is even the same radio these days, isn't it a D700 on board now? Someone may want to correct me on that. But anyhow, yes if you could hear the packet station well you will have no problems on a voice pass.
I assume you have no license, this won't stop you decoding the packet though if you are interested. You can plug the scanner into your PC/Laptop Line-In and use a AX-25 Packet soundcard decoder to see the data being transmitted. Just do a search on Google for something like "Soundcard AX25".
73's Dave

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Re: Those noises were the packet

Hello Liam,

Dave was right it must have been ISS with packet/aprs digital mode.
However there are also packet satellites on that same freq. but with your
little antenna I asume you can not hear the weak packet satellites easy so it must have
been ISS.
Here you can see an photo of the ISS Kenwood TM-D700.
The packet modem/tnc is build inside the radio and does
not use an external computer which many people think.
If you connect your scanner RX audio to a computer soundcard than you can
see the packet text on your computer screen with many stations comming down via ISS on the digital packet mode.
I use AGW packet soundcard driver with UISS (both are freeware).
See the screenshot from UISS software:
AGW is a littlebit complicated to configure for the first time but if
you use google search engine than there are several websites wich
explain you the steps to configure.
Download the newst AGW freeware version here:

After you have done that you can install UISS and UISS you can run
direct (you do not have to configure that because you only RX).
Download UISS freeware here:

Its only a few steps to configure and can be done within 10 minutes.
Good luck if you trie to listen crew in voice (let us know).

73's Cor PD0RKC

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Using a handheld

I had my hand held out tonight and heard a great signal. I can even pick it up in the house on a good pass.

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Receiving ISS on a handeld is definitely possible


if you are in the open it is 100% guaranteed that you will receive their signal.

If you had a private uplink (or if you lived in a remote area) you could have also easily talked to them. In facts, I remember back in the days Veronica IK3ZAW having daily QSO's with Valery Korzun onboard MIR using a rubber duck handeld while she was vacationing somewhere in the middle east.


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ARISS on my Handheld scanner?

Hi Liam,

You shouldn't have any problems picking up ISS on your scanner - 145.800 for voice contacts, 145.825 for APRS packet.

If you download AGWPE to your PC, this (if you can set the audio levels correctly) will allow you to decode the packet data, use this in conjunction with UIView or UISS and you can see the data, as well as displaying the location of stations on a map.

You can also use this software to pick up any local APRS traffic (UK freq 144.800 mhz).

Some info here

As previously mentioned, you will get much better performance from an external antenna compared to the usual 'rubber duck' type antenna on your scanner.


Isle of Man

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Thanks for all your answers I will take a look at the information supplied, and look forward to hearing ISS.

Are there certain times when I will be more likely to receive voice from ISS?

Submitted by liamcarbin on Fri, 2010-08-27 18:01.

Re: Liam scanner man info about crew in voice times.

Hello Liam,

Crew often operate in their presleep times, and also noticed that Doug operated
somethimes after the presleep times.
Due the weekend crew has less work tasks so trie to
listen all passes.
I have written something about that on my website.
I do not know what antenne you use but if you
put and Diamond X50 outside you will hear the ISS
signals verry good.
Program these 3 frequenties in your scanner, and keep
scanning all.
145.800Mhz (crew in voice, SSTV, x band repeater).
145.825Mhz (ISS digital packet mode.
143.625Mhz (Crew voice freq. with flight control in Moscow not an ham ferq!).

73's Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Fri, 2010-08-27 18:17.

At the moment I just have a

At the moment I just have a basic rubber duck ariel. But I will still listen out shortly when the ISS passes over. unless they are in sleep

Just took scanner out with me heard strange noises on 145.8250 kind of screeching noise

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You should be able to. Having an outside antenna will increase your chances.

Kenneth - N5VHO

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