Congratulations + 73 + participate ? ...

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Best 73 to all the team !

I just subscribe at our fanclub, and think this web is the best Url where the fans of ISS must come !
So, it's a good things to information with the Progress mission.Because in the Spaceflight - NASA, describe only the american mission, and not the Europeen or Russian mission - participate activity ! ...

Just a question ?

Why don't propose a galerie image of the crew, general activity, or Ham's operating ?

I think this will so best idea for more visitors, don't you think ?

So hope read you next time, I hope many long time for our website .

It's so possible I participate, with my gallery or receive pass ISS ?

I am an " F0 ", and not possible Tx in Packet mode for the moment, but receive on 145.800 with AGWPE ...

Best 73 at all !



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F0DHV – Sat, 2002 – 09 – 28 14:04

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