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Info from Guy, ON1DHT

A new version of UISS has been released today and can be downloaded at my site. There were some problems with the hosting server, so my site was offline for a few hours. Now everything seems back to normal.

What's New in UISS Version 3.1


- Beacon improved with:

- selectable beacon data to transmit.

- rotating sequence during each next beacon transmissions of TX-data, APRS Pos., APRS Message or a file.

- Use a file to transmit as beacon text. This also allows software developers to make "live" data programs to be used in UISS. You can create as many beacon files as you want!

- Compatible with "Virtual Weather Station"(VWS) as beacon data to broadcast weather reports in APRS format.

- Add APRS position to the data of the beacon selected file.

- Beacon data file will be refreshed on every beacon interval.

- Calculating the hours and minutes from the beacon seconds interval.

- New Beacon menu and dialog.

- Easy fast connection type dialog when connecting in digipeater mode. You'll be able to select the type of connection; direct or digipeater

- Remove a call sign from the Mheard list.

- Easy AGW Port selector in Monitor.

- Now 5 AGW Ports selectable.

- Extra right-mousebutton options for faster access.

- Paste selected Mheard call into the "To:", "Via:" and "For:" fields with your right mousebutton.

- Date is used as default filename to save Monitor contents.

- Now clear the connect screen with one click.

- SWL mode debugged.

- BBS password bug removed.

- Automated Beacon(for registered users) will now be found in the new Beacon Settings menu.

- The very rare 'Out of memory error' in the connect window is now fixed.

UISS New Version 3.1 DOWNLOAD

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