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  • 15 08 2016 F1BSW FRANCE   27 weeks 3 days ago


  • When is voice mode active?   27 weeks 3 days ago

    Unfortunately the crew doesn't get on for random unscheduled voice contacts very often. It takes an "enthusiast" ham to do that. Most just get their license to make school contacts. Occasionally the Russians make contacts with people over Europe in between SSTV transmissions when that is happening, which btw is happening Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th.

    The voice repeater has been nonoperational for years.

  • ISS SSTV Event   27 weeks 3 days ago

    What time will be the best chance for getting the images on Aug 16 on the East coast of the US?

    Thanks. 73

  • ISS SSTV Event   27 weeks 6 days ago

    Apparently the crew have been requested to reconfigure the equipment to PD120 according to Amsat UK site.

    The MAI-75 Experiment will transmit SSTV images using PD120 mode on 145.800 MHz FM over the course of a few orbits as the space station passes over Moscow. Operators in Europe and South America will have the best chances to receive images. Operators along the US East Coast may have one chance on August 16.

  • ISS SSTV Event   28 weeks 12 hours ago

    Yes fingers crossed it was mentioned on twitter there might be some SSTV activity end of July but that has come and gone. Lets hope they use PD120 mode this time to allow for more images during each pass.

    Slow-Scan Television Transmissions from ISS Set for August 15-16

    Slow-scan television (SSTV) transmissions will be made from the International Space Station (ISS) on August 15 and 16. The MAI-75 Experiment will transmit SSTV images on 145.80 MHz over the course of a few orbits as the space station passes over Moscow. Operators in Europe and South America will have the best chances to receive images. Operators along the US East Coast may have one chance on August 16

  • ISS Radio Report   31 weeks 2 days ago

    The amateur radios should have been off for the docking of the Progress vehicle on July 18. Everything should be back to normal after the school contact on July 19.

  • Future SSTV   31 weeks 6 days ago

    Hello G1TZC,

    Probably at the end of july ISS SSTV activated.
    Follow updates on:

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Future SSTV   32 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for the info. I am planning on putting a dedicated VHF Rx in the new shack.

  • Future SSTV   32 weeks 4 days ago

    Hello G1TZC,

    ISS SSTV events are not always early anounced.
    Keep watching these sources:

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Will the ISS be on with voice for Field Day 2016 ?   32 weeks 4 days ago


    I get what KN6Q is saying. The easy answer is this - I do not score what are considered "extra" QSOs on the ISS digipeater under the AMSAT Field Day rules. All 3 of the ISS packet QSOs I made during Field Day are valid points-earning QSOs under ARRL Field Day rules, since ARRL's limitation on one QSO per satellite doesn't extend to orbiting single-channel digipeaters. This is an unfortunate difference between the two sets of rules.

    I get that all satellites count as a single "band" under ARRL rules, "Satellite". AMSAT's Field Day rules allow contacts with the same station on different satellites. For this difference in the rules, I just don't score the additional satellite contacts with the same station when I prepare my ARRL Field Day submission. Same with the "one QSO per FM satellite" rule that both ARRL and AMSAT enforce. I will work other stations on any of these satellites, especially if other stations call me. Why? For the other stations, the QSOs with me could be their 100-point bonus under the ARRL Field Day rules - or another QSO earning points for their station. If I work more than one station on an FM satellite, which I did on LilacSat-2 this year, I just don't score the other QSOs. I had 4 non-scoring QSOs on that satellite for both of my submissions, to ARRL and AMSAT, along with the one QSO that was included in my scores for both Field Day competitions.

    There are almost always stations working satellite passes during Field Day that have no interest in participating in the "contest". I don't get why they do that, but there's nothing that prevents stations from working the satellites on Field Day weekends without participating in the "contest". For these stations, whether I am working a digipeater or one of the other satellites, I always have my grid locator ready. For this year's Field Day, that was DM45. I don't put these non-Field Day QSOs in my Field Day submissions, but I log these contacts. They go into my uploads to Logbook of the World, just like my contacts for the ARRL and AMSAT Field Day competitions.

    I wish AMSAT would reconsider the limitation on QSOs via orbiting digipeaters. With one QSO per FM satellite and one QSO per digipeater, AMSAT's rules are slanted a little too much toward the linear transponder (SSB/CW) satellites. I'm all for the limits on FM satellite QSOs, which are consistent in both sets of Field Day rules. The orbiting digipeaters are a different animal compared to the FM satellites, in my opinion, despite having some similarities. I have already expressed this opinion on the AMSAT-BB mailing list, and will pursue it with AMSAT in the hopes of seeing a change for next year. I don't remember when AMSAT made that change for the limits on QSOs via digipeaters, but (IMO) it's a mistake...


    Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK
    Twitter: @WD9EWK

  • 16 July ISS contact to Flight Museum in Dallas USA   32 weeks 5 days ago

    Jeff Williams, nasa astrounaut is KD5TVQ

  • Will the ISS be on with voice for Field Day 2016 ?   33 weeks 23 hours ago

    Not to be a jerk but -

    AMSAT requests that you only make *ONE* "digital QSO with the ISS or any other digital, non-store-and-forward, packet satellite (if operational)" on field day. ARRL doesn't have this as a rule but...


    Tom KN6Q

  • Yaesu VX-8GE / Digipath / APRS via ISS   33 weeks 2 days ago


    O.k. - THX for recommendation !

    Think i have now some settings for testing.
    Thank you also for your hint on PSAT (NO-84) - Had been able to receive signals from that bird earlier today.

    Thank you & 73

  • Yaesu VX-8GE / Digipath / APRS via ISS   33 weeks 2 days ago


    You do not need the "WIDE1-1" in the path when working the ISS or the NO-84 satellite. Only "ARISS" is needed, as both will respond to that. As was mentioned previously, the ISS digipeater has been off for 3 days, and will most likely remain off until after the new ISS crew - scheduled to be launched early tomorrow - arrives at the ISS. The ISS digipeater may not be activatied immediately after their arrival, but keep an eye on this site and to see if anything has been heard from the ISS digipeater.

    You can use NO-84 to test your configuration. Make sure the GPS is on, so that your radio knows your location when transmitting packets. NO-84's downlink is much weaker than the ISS (300mW vs. 5-10 watts), so you will probably need to use a directional antenna like a Yagi or LPDA to help with that. If you work NO-84, you can use the web site to see packets that were retransmitted by NO-84 and picked up by an Internet gateway station.

    Good luck, and 73!

    Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK
    Twitter: @WD9EWK

  • Yaesu VX-8GE / Digipath / APRS via ISS   33 weeks 2 days ago

    Dear OM G7HCE,

    I have checked now the synatx required by the VX-8 Digipath

    The paths which i can configure, have following opportunities

    1st part of path : XXXXXX -Y
    2nd part of path : XXXXXX -Y (optional)

    XXXXXX = Here i have 6 digits, possible is A-Z and 0-9
    -Y = only selection between -1 to -15

    Definition (pregiven)
    Non = Home Station
    -1 to -3 = "Digipeater"
    -4 = "HF to VHF Gateway"
    -5 = "IGate"
    -6 = Operation via Satellite
    -7 = Handheld
    -8 = Maritime Mobile
    -9 = Mobile
    -10 = Operation via Internet
    -11 = APRS Touch Tone Use
    -12 = Portable Units
    -13 = Not used
    -14 = Trackers
    -15 = HF Operation

    So, i think i shall try "ARISS-6" or "ARISS-1" and in 2nd part "WIDE1-1".

    Other suggestions ? Ideas ?

    THX & 73

    With the programmer i saw that there is also another (last) option in the menu, where no "syntax" seems to be needed.

    I tried now to enter "ARISS, WIDE1-1" ... Radio was takeing config. I will try now several options and report what works - nevertheless, suggestions welcome.

  • Yaesu VX-8GE / Digipath / APRS via ISS   33 weeks 2 days ago

    Your welcome. Make sure you have GPS switched on for position report.
    Don't forget the comma to separate in the full path as shown below.


    Here is the correct link when PSAT was on a 40 deg pass over Exeter/UK IO80GR with the handie today.

  • Yaesu VX-8GE / Digipath / APRS via ISS   33 weeks 2 days ago


    many thx for confirming path and info, that iss digipeater is currently down !


  • Yaesu VX-8GE / Digipath / APRS via ISS   33 weeks 2 days ago


    I use the path for both ISS and PSAT as follows. ARISS,WIDE1-1

    I can easily work ISS/PSAT with Kenwood TH-D72E HT handi with 1/2 wave telescopic antenna walking mobile.

    See here worked PSAT digipeater on 145.825 today as ISS is currently switched off.

  • Will the ISS be on with voice for Field Day 2016 ?   33 weeks 3 days ago


    I didn't hear any voices on 145.800 during Field Day, but I made use of two ISS passes on Saturday (25 June) afternoon to make a total of 5 QSOs. On one pass around 2312 UTC, I worked VE5AA in Saskatchewan, KK6QMS in California, and K7RDG in Arizona. On the next pass around 0048 UTC, I made QSOs with KG6BFD in California and KC7MG in Arizona, but those stations did not provide the Field Day exchanges. I sent my grid locator (DM45) for those two QSOs. My QSO with VE5AA was my first satellite QSO during Field Day, which got me the 100-point bonus for a satellite contact.


    Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK
    Twitter: @WD9EWK

  • Will the ISS be on with voice for Field Day 2016 ?   34 weeks 2 days ago

    not activity on ISS !!! hi !

    when is the day of the field day ?


  • Will the ISS be on with voice for Field Day 2016 ?   34 weeks 4 days ago

    ISS currently has only 1 US crewmember and is busy getting ready for some major equipment repairs. I doubt he will make it to the mic for Field Day.

  • Nice video of Tim Peake on ARISS with school !   35 weeks 6 days ago

    Hi Rudy,

    Yes saw this video some time ago and very informative and great views of the onboard equipment in the Columbus module including the HamTv.

    Another video of GB1SS: schools speaking to Tim Peake.
    The ten school contacts with Tim Peake on the ISS during his Principia mission have inspired thousands of young people and introduced them to amateur radio in a new and exciting way. Our new video celebrates these historic events and the range of linked activities the schools have enjoyed.

    TX-Factor did a great video on the last ARISS school contact with King's school Ottery St Mary Devon. Here it shows all the equipment setup used by the ARISS UK Team for the Principia Mission.
    In this special edition, we follow the progress of a Devon School in their attempt to be one of the ten lucky UK schools to link up with Tim Peake aboard the International Space Station.

    What a great success the ARISS Principia Mission did!! Enjoyed them all.

    73's David G7HCE

  • SSTV Image , June 09 2016 17:09 UTC   37 weeks 2 hours ago

    Very strong signals over EI , had no pc on so no SSTV image :(

  • ISS QSL Info   37 weeks 1 day ago

    Just follow the standard QSL process for your region.

  • ISS QSL Info   37 weeks 1 day ago

    An ARISS school contact programme has been organised for H.A.L. School Lucknow, India students on 12th May 2016 at 0811 Hrs UTC. In which Tim Kopra KE5UDN answered the questions of students.

    I do feel very much delighted to know whether the students alongwith the teacher who participated in programme may get the QSL card from ARISS.

    If yes, what should we do.

    If we get soft copies of the QSL cards, we can take printout of QSL cards at our end.

    Pl do reply.

    Dinesh Ch Sharma, VU2DCT
    email :


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