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  • Very compliments   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Ciao Francesco,

    we are happy to see so more people following The Space Station.
    Ok for MIR Fan Club... we want do more to give all you an interesting internet tool.

    Thanks for your compliments

    73 the ISS FanClub Staff

  • iss pass 24-09-2002 list 21:36 utc   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi Jan,

    thanks for the posting.
    If you want to mantain the formatted text as seen on ISS PMS, it is necessary to put a tag HTML.

    PRE and H5 at the start of the formatted text and /H5 and /PRE at the end. All these tags as always between <>

    Example of post with these tags:

    *** CONNECTED to RS0ISS [24-Sep-02 00:38:39]
    Logged on to RS0ISS´s Personal Message System
    on board the International Space Station

    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    2215 P 02/09/23 21:36 P29JB VK4AKM G´day jim
    2214 P 02/09/23 20:34 AY4MMM LU9ED saludos de mar de ajo
    2213 P 02/09/23 20:05 RS0ISS ZL1KJ f5asd
    2212 P 02/09/23 18:09 RS0ISS JH4DHX I´ve a Special Request to Peggy
    2211 P 02/09/23 18:00 RS0ISS RE0RAS GL
    2209 BR 02/09/23 15:40 ALL LU8YYN Saludos desde Neuquen Arg
    2208 P 02/09/23 15:39 RS0ISS LU8YYN Hello Valery
    2207 P 02/09/23 14:48 RS0ISS RE0RAS TEST
    2205 BR 02/09/23 12:27 ALL LU5JB Saludos
    41877 Bytes free
    Next message Number 2216
    Mailbox selected: 3
    r 2205
    Stat : BR
    Posted : 02/09/23 12:27
    To : ALL
    From : LU5JB
    @ BBS :
    xID :
    Subject: Saludos

    Saludos desde Gualeguaychu
    Op. Alberto. pse. qsl a Ameghino 917 CP 2820 Gualeguaychu o bureau///

    r 2209
    Stat : BR
    Posted : 02/09/23 15:40
    To : ALL
    From : LU8YYN
    @ BBS :
    xID :
    Subject: Saludos desde Neuquen Arg

    Un saludo para todos los operadores de la ISS 73 de Luis


    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    2192 BR 02/09/23 04:21 ALL IK1SLD ISS Fan Club
    2179 P 02/09/22 02:05 RS0ISS IK1SLD Tnx for Voice Message
    - Logged off
    *** DISCONNECTED [24-Sep-02 00:39:47]

    PRE is for mantain format and H5 to have a more readable character

    Ciao from Italy ik1sld Claudio
    [ This message was edited by: ik1sld on 27-09-2002 00:31 ]

  • Hello From Florida   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi KD4NSJ,
    happy to see so more people interested about ISS

    I was been in Kissimmee in 1998, when with IK3ZAW Veronica and IK3RIY Martino, I have seen the Endeavour STS-88 launch on December.
    We were invited by Sergei Krikalev U5MIR, a flight engineer on Endeavour.

    See you soon and thanks for your posting on the forum.

    73 de IK1SLD Claudio

    ISS FanClub Staff
    SpaceOnLine Satellite News

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 25 weeks ago

    They once did it on MIR.

    9600 db / UHF. Unfortunately doppler was a problem for most operators (I remember night passes with only myself working the station..) so they came back to 1200.

    What they really need is something different from AX25 wich avoids packet data collision between "far" groundstations.

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Agreed that 9600 would be better as long as it is not at the expense of 1200.

    Many, many people have 1200 baud tnc's and they can hook up to virtually any radio/ht. 9600 requires a newer radio or modification to an older radio (if possible) to get on the air, not to mention a 9600 baud tnc.

    As long as they support 1200 backwards I'm all for 9600!

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hello 4S7AVR,

    ok we have received your suggestion about Crew activity on Region 3.

    We will send this to the Crew.

    73 de ISS FanClub Staff

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 25 weeks ago

    I would like to see more voice contacts in Region 3

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 31 weeks ago

    I wish they will switch to 9600bd.

    1200 takes ages to do anything useful.


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