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  • Tracking Program   15 years 35 weeks ago

    I also have used stsplus.
    It is a very good program.
    I still use it some times.
    73 Doug(kc8fks)

  • Yes many times   15 years 36 weeks ago

    Iv´e seen both the ISS and the shuttles several times. I have been checking out the website. On this site you can set up your location and find out when several sattilites are traveling overhead. It´s fun to see the shuttle chasing the ISS through the sky.

  • Tracking Program   15 years 36 weeks ago

    there are 2, NOVA and the oldest bestest... STSplus....

  • Tracking Program   15 years 36 weeks ago

    I´m using SatScape.
    It´s free, too, is very colourful, sometimes a bit slow and is eating resources.

    Keps update by pressing a button, frequencies and other informations about the selected sat, 2D, 3D and horizone view, ...

    I like it, because it shows a lot.

    Completly different to Alain´s program.

  • HELP!! Need help on old MIR contact   15 years 36 weeks ago

    ..No problem Claudio. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

    I enjoy the site very much. Unfortunately my old laptop died (bad CMOS battery...and is an ICCHIP battery..not a button cell type so I am having problems finding the IC chip to replace it or get a schedmatic of it to run an exterior 5Vs to the power pins and make it think it has power. Till then I am dead in the water.

    Love working ISS... have 8x11 QSL I send people... N6CO and WH6IO were two whom received them.

    Again take care and thanks for your help.


  • Tracking Program   15 years 36 weeks ago

    I use winorb36.
    It is a good program to use with windows.
    Works real well and it to is free.
    73 kc8fks.

  • Have you seen the ISS with your naked eyes??   15 years 36 weeks ago

    That would have benn something great to see.
    Wish I could have seen it too.

  • Tracking Program   15 years 36 weeks ago

    If you want a free, fast, accurate and multi-plaform tracker I would suggest the well known "predict" by KB2BD.
    Dont explect too many colors or pictures. Its a text only program. I love it.
    If you need more complicated fancy stuff I am sure someone else will tell you the right choice.

    Alain iz6byy

  • HELP!! Need help on old MIR contact   15 years 36 weeks ago

    Ops Mark,

    Now I undestand but I don´t know about a NASA QSL

    I have only the normal MIR Qsl.

    73 Claudio IK1SLD

  • HELP!! Need help on old MIR contact   15 years 36 weeks ago

    No this was a PERSONAL QSL for Norman THagard he gave ARRL and also me when I spoke to him.

    THis was a NASA QSL not a MIR. I have the MIR ones. I also send another Thagard QSL to Dave Larsen as well. He helped me in getting my old MIR contacts (U5MIR) but I never received the Thagard one from JSC he had made.

    He had his own NASA QSL for his mission seperate from the MIR ones. and gave the MAILCODE CB at JSC to get one.

    Thanks though for your help.

  • HELP!! Need help on old MIR contact   15 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi Mark,

    to request MIR Qsl card was necessary to ask for a Manager and not personal Astronaut address.

    Manager for MIR in the USA was N6CO Dave Larsen. I have again on my page the old address where send your request but I don´t know if it is valid again.

    You can ask to Dave if he has again a Qsl... this is the link to my page

    73 de IK1SLD Claudio

  • How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performance?   15 years 36 weeks ago

    Thank you to all. Last weekend, on Canadian Thanksgiving, I went to my hometown in Eastern Québec, near Trois-Pistoles. Quite unexpectedly, I succeeded in contacting ISS!! Was it due to a better UNP, or because I was using the same frequency for RX and TX (145.825), or because of that new RS0ISS-1 address?

    The experience was again very exciting. I was having dinner with our family and friends. We all went outside to admire the view of ISS passing in the night sky just above our heads. At that same moment, I succeeded many times in receiving and sending data. I just could not believe it! :o)

    Greetings from Mario


  • How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performance?   15 years 36 weeks ago

    Make certain your settings are correct. ISS should hear you easily on 5 watts. .. make certain your UNP is set correctly.



  • How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performance?   15 years 36 weeks ago

    Mario - try using a Cush Craft Dual Beam 5 Elements each band. Much more gain. I use the HT and the beam for connecting to UO-14 & AO-27. Arthur N1ORC

  • Have you seen the ISS with your naked eyes??   15 years 36 weeks ago

    I have been waching ISS for aprox.3+ yrs. Since it strated as a small spec in the evening heavens until Oct 8, 02 and aprox 2150utc when ISS came into sight. Shotly thereafter STS-112 came into sight. The station commander was on with Miles, WF1F and talking about the change in the packet freq. The scouts were impressed (getting ready for JOTA) in the sighting as well as the radio chatter that was going on.

  • ISS switched to 145.825 MHz   15 years 37 weeks ago

    I have log today the pcsat of the last two passings EU,
    The power on the battery of the N0-44 are verry low.
    also in the sun i have i sie the TLM. 11111111 (low battery en the last pass.
    passing for the dark are the sat continu reset .

    Now the pcsat & iss are pass in the evening
    i thank for EU. this week , it are not a succes
    to use the two digi´s .

    But whe do hope ....for a little succes...??

    73 de jan pe2jmr [ This message was edited by: pe2jmr on 10-10-2002 20:36 ]

  • How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performance?   15 years 37 weeks ago

    Yes Mario, it would be really nice.

    Unfortunately plain AX.25 does not handle packet collisions and that is the main reason of failures.

    Such a simple system allows a very large number of potential users to be part of the game, but introduces many troubles... Like the one I said before.



  • Any record on ISS voice over Europe?   15 years 37 weeks ago

    Wich pass are you talking about?

  • How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performance?   15 years 37 weeks ago

    RS0ISS packet radio system would be awesome if one could upload with a 5 W handheld radio and Arrow antenna. I have tried numerous times to upload APRS data, even when I could see ISS in the sky, but my 5 watts are not enough.

    On the other hand, QRP voice operations with ISS are possible. I have had the pleasure to talk to cosmonaut Valery Korzun with a TH-D7 (5 watts). It would be so cool if everybody transmitted QRP to ISS!

    Greetings from Canada

    Mario, VA2VA

  • Question !!   15 years 37 weeks ago


    I´ve been using a Kenwood TM-D700, 10W on a 11el. Yagi and 40m of cable.

    You can listen to ISS very easily with a handheld and a rubber antenna - no problem signal goes to 9+.


  • Question !!   15 years 37 weeks ago

    I´m assuming you are hearing the ISS on 145.800mhz before you call on 145.200mhz.

    Make sure that your antenna is designed to transmit! Many scanner antennas will transmit but with a very low wattage limit or damage to the antenna may result. Maybe try a different antenna if you have access to one. If not, try building your own yagi- its useful for more than just ISS work.

    Your radio is perfectly capable of reaching the ISS so make sure you are using the correct frequencies. But I´d place your trouble at your antenna.

    Adam, KCØKVU

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 38 weeks ago


    I had a QSO with Valery yesterday (30th Sept.) at 20:41 UTC via our clubstation DL0VW.

    Has anyone recorded that and could send me an audio file? Please email me!

    I used my Kenwood TM-D700 and a 11el. Yagi. Signal was a clean and real 59!

    73 de Steffen/DO4OSS

  • Have you seen the ISS with your naked eyes??   15 years 38 weeks ago

    This summer I was with my wife in Argentina and we had possibility to talk with Valery while I was pointing by hand my Arrow antenna (3 elements) directly to the lightly point in the sky (ISS).
    It was the first time with the Space Station. I had this possibility several years ago with MIR.
    But this time I was using a TH-D7 with only 2.5 watts power output.

    Ciao Claudio

  • Scheduled QSO´s?   15 years 38 weeks ago

    Hi Alain,

    yes we can arrange a contact schedule with a coordinator preparing a list of Amateur Radio Operators.
    I have a contact with VU2GMN Gopal from India to schedule a contact before Valery return on the Earth.
    Valery in this period is very busy: Progress preparation for undocking, New Progress arrive and the Shuttle ready for launch (docking for the weekend).
    After Shuttle, the arrive of the Soyuz TM for the taxi Crew.

    I will try to ask for a disponibility at the end of October. We hope to arrange two possibility: South America and India.

    We will investigate when there will be a good pass in the evening (Valery time) for this zones.

    Claudio IK1SLD.

  • Scheduled QSO´s?   15 years 38 weeks ago

    I see there are a lot of South American users who wish to make a voice contact.
    Maybe we could arrange something with Valeri to schedule a voice pass over that area?
    Anyone interested about this idea?


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