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  • RS0ISS No Signal to dai 02-Jan-2003   15 years 32 weeks ago

    In the orbits for Mexico not signals !
    in at this time
    report 1 day and 14 hours out ...
    xe2arf Fernando in Aguascalientes Mexico
    (3-Jan-2003 at 0750 utc)

  • RS0ISS No Signal to dai 02-Jan-2003   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Yep... 14:30 UTC pass here by Seattle had nothing today.

  • RS0ISS No Signal to dai 02-Jan-2003   15 years 32 weeks ago

    hello Jan, you have news for standby from ISS Ham System?
    73´s de Tony IW0UEI

  • Hello from Argentina!!!   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Try checking NASA at
    You can get a visual view there of the next three passes. From the links on that page you can also run predictions for your exact location

    73 - Tim

  • New Years Trivia   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Interesting, but I wanted to know how many timess the crew could celebrate New Years!

    At aprox 90 minutes per orbit, going against the rotation of the earth, is that 36 times that they pass into the new year?

  • New Years Trivia   15 years 32 weeks ago

    The ISS wil pass ca 6 times on a day of a qrh..
    6 * 365 Are ca. 2190 times wil it passing of
    a normay qth,, i thank.

    When 3 radiohams connect in one passing
    the PMS ,en send one en read one ,3 * 2190 are it 6570 mails to sent i a year..
    in one mond /12 are it ca 547 mails ...i a mond.

    73 de jan pe2jmr Happy New Year

  • Hello from Argentina!!!   15 years 33 weeks ago

    Hi Leo and Marcelo,

    I want to know also any sched for ARISS to
    South America. PSE for any info my e-mail

    Happy New Year and congratulations for this
    great site and Fan Club !

    Ark, PY2ZX
    Jundiaí - S. Paulo - Brazil

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!   15 years 33 weeks ago

    Best wishes Doug!

  • List RS0ISS-1 Dec. 28, 2002 - 08:16 UTC   15 years 33 weeks ago

    Greetings friends of the IFC! It is a pleasure to share the same one emocion with all you.. The comunicacion with and to
    traves of the Estacion Spatial International.. Likewise, my felcitaciones to who do possible ´this place; especially to
    Claudio, Deveras flavor gives me that the Radioaficion follow having echo in acti- vidades as the one that develop quie-
    nes know that and future our acti- vidad is without doubt focused toward the Co-\ municacion Spatial.. I respond so alone
    to one of the files that see in which its servant appears like user of the PBBS of the ISS, but I tell him that I am
    faithful reader of ´this place..

    Atte: xe2arf Fernando in Aguascalientes Mexico.. MIR FAN CLUB 222. IFC # 175..

    Hallo Fernando i have the tranlate it by sotware , 73 de jan pe2jmr

  • List RS0ISS-1 Dec. 28, 2002 - 08:16 UTC   15 years 33 weeks ago

    Saludos amigos del IFC !! Es un placer
    compartir la misma emocion con todos
    ustedes... La comunicacion con y a traves
    de la Estacion Espacial Internacional...
    Asimismo, mis felcitaciones a quienes
    hacen posible ´este sitio; especialmente
    a Claudio, Deveras me da gusto que la
    Radioaficion siga teniendo eco en acti-
    vidades como la que desarrollamos quie-
    nes sabemos que e futuro nuestra acti-
    vidad es sin duda enfocada hacia la Co-\
    municacion Espacial...
    Respondo tan solo a uno de los archivos
    que veo en los que su servidor aparece
    como usuario del PBBS de la ISS, pero
    les digo que soy fiel lector de ´este sitio...

    atte: xe2arf Fernando en Aguascalientes
    Mexico... MIR FAN CLUB 222.. IFC # 175...

  • Amazing!!!   15 years 33 weeks ago

    Loochshee adeen ras ooveedeet,
    chem sto ras ooslishat.
    I also saw it the other day, while I was monitoring the radio, I stuck my head out of the shed and saw it and it flared bright blue then dimmed a bit and continued. Wow ! I yelled for everyone from inside the house to come out to see it and we all stood there looking at it.
    I think the Russian translates to something like-
    It is better to see something for yourself once than to hear about it a hundred times.

    Cheers, Kevin VK3UKF

  • Dnldd Msg fm RS0ISS-1 Thai Scouts to ISS   15 years 33 weeks ago

    Thanks for that Claudio,
    I think I might prepare for a voice contact that day just in case they keep voice QSO´s happening for a bit extra. Kevin VK3UKF

  • Amazing!!!   15 years 34 weeks ago


    Yes ISS is much more bright that MIR was.
    Seeing it is always amazing.

    73´s Alain IZ6BYY KB3FDV/AE

  • Dnldd Msg fm RS0ISS-1 Thai Scouts to ISS   15 years 34 weeks ago


    first ARISS contact since the new Crew is onboard ISS will be on Dec. 28, 2002 as scheduled.
    Here you can find information about this contact and the proposed questions to the Astronauts:

    World Scout Jamboree 2003, Sattahip, Thailand, Direct via E20AJ
    Contact is on for Saturday 2002-12-28 08:40 UTC
    Don Pettit is the scheduled astronaut.

    Here are the proposed questions for the World Scout Jamboree.
    1. How do you eat your food? How is it cooked?
    2. Do you think the camping skill is useful as astronauts?
    3. What are you doing to maintain your health?
    4. What is the first thing you want to do when you come back to the earth?
    5. Do you think that the earth is still blue?
    6. How do you find time for your family or loved ones and how do you
    communicate with them?
    7. Astronauts are dedicated, patient, and under constant pressure, how do you
    handle all the demands on yourself?
    8. What are you feeling from living in space?
    9. If you were to meet Thai people, what would you like to ask them?
    10. May I have your message to the scouts?
    11. What was the most delightful thing as astronaut?
    12. Do you want your children to become astronaut like you?
    13. How can I be the astronaut like you?
    14. How do you obtain fresh water, is there big tank?
    15. How does the lack of gravity affect the body and how do you manage it?
    16. How do you take a bath?
    17. How is the temperature in the space station maintained? What is the
    outside temperature?
    18. If the ISS slip from it´s orbit, how would you take it back to the right
    19. When you left the earth, did any cosmic rays affect you and how?
    20. Do you feel something great in the space?

    73 IK1SLD Claudio

  • I got a Msg 33, from OZ VK3UKF   15 years 34 weeks ago

    No worries fellas, great contacts last two days, cleaned out old mail and it did what I thought it should, I´ve dropped a pile of stuff into packet.
    Got nice help from Miles too.
    Thanks. Kevin VK3UKF
    P.S. and Ron VK3KBV, how I missed you on that last pass I don´t know but you were on the users list.[ This message was edited by: VK3UKF on 22-12-2002 14:20 ]

  • Tracking Program   15 years 34 weeks ago

    I use J-Track which is web based. Once it loads, it runs till I shut down Netscape. You can see for yourself at:

    They update it automatically so all you have to do is reload the page.
    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • I got a Msg 33, from OZ VK3UKF   15 years 34 weeks ago

    I tryed in the past to connect and disconnect several times but without result.

    Then I connect and sent these commands:

    H for help list and after J for heard stations and I had the PMS again OK without the msg 33 bug.

    Try next time and please if you will have a good result post here a message.

    Thank you 73 Claudio IK1SLD

  • I got a Msg 33, from OZ VK3UKF   15 years 34 weeks ago

    Hallo , yes i sie today the #msg33 bug
    a hamradio befor my connect have also
    the bug,,

    After hem are have i try to connect whit sussec , the bug are now lost..

    When you have the 33 bug disconect end
    try again. to connect.

    73 de jan pe2jmr ..

  • Tracking Program   15 years 34 weeks ago

    Hi KD7BJJ,

    i have two program to use on Palm devices.
    Click here for any info:



    I hope this will help you.

    73 IK1SLD Claudio

  • Tracking Program   15 years 34 weeks ago

    I´m a WinOrbit 3.6 fan, I like the multiple windows, one for each sat, and if you like you can have several of your favourite birds on the one map, Easy on computers resources too, it can run with a program called announce which will call out in a voice the lat and lon of a selected sat. you can write your own software to interface with it through DDE if your a programmer.
    Cheers Kevin

  • Tracking Program   15 years 34 weeks ago

    Does anyone know of a tracking program that will work on my Palm device?

  • Hello from Argentina!!!   15 years 34 weeks ago

    Hi Leo
    My name is Marcelo, CE4LNM, i too waiting for calling of ISS over South America.
    God willing it is then and that they don´t forget us.

    greetings for you and yours 73´s and Dx´s


  • Rig Blaster   15 years 35 weeks ago

    I think most modernish radios will handle the 1200 baud no worries, Audio circuits will be a bit slow in response to the faster bauds such as 4800 and 9600. I haven´t tested mine at anything else other than 1200 and it´s cables go straight into the soundcard, no opto coupler as is suggested for the PTT, no interface between the radio (DJ-V5 hand held) and souncard in the computer, I would imagine a Rig Blaster might allow you something a bit faster than just a soundcard does at 1200 baud.
    Does it?
    Kevin VK3UKF

  • Another cool web site   15 years 35 weeks ago

    You know what, now I want one.
    What else have you got???
    I´ve got a Space Shuttle, a Mercury capsule, a Gemini capsule, an Apollo/Saturn 1 and an Apollo/Saturn 5 Launcher, an Apollo CSM and LL, uhh, a Jupiter C and a Russian Vostok, Voskhod and Soyuz launcher,
    a French Ariane launcher, an Aerobee missile and an Honest John missile.
    Think that´s it..I´ll be keeping a look out at my local hobby shop for an ISS and a MIR.
    I´m slacking off, I´ve been collecting these models since Neil and Buzz stepped out for a stroll.
    Best to you and yours.

  • ISS Messages   15 years 35 weeks ago

    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    956 P 02/12/06 02:12 VE1AMA VA3HRA hello burt
    955 P 02/12/06 01:35 FK8AH FK8GX hello
    954 P 02/12/06 00:33 RS0ISS N9OEW
    953 P 02/12/05 23:06 RS0ISS G6HMS *HELLO*SIX*CREW*
    952 P 02/12/05 22:59 RS0ISS VO1CAT good job
    951 P 02/12/05 22:46 G3BGM N6CO Misc
    950 BR 02/12/05 22:45 ALL N6CO 2 Line ISS Keps 12-6
    949 P 02/12/05 21:29 VK3UKF G3BGM Hi!


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