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  • Question !!   15 years 7 weeks ago


    I´ve been using a Kenwood TM-D700, 10W on a 11el. Yagi and 40m of cable.

    You can listen to ISS very easily with a handheld and a rubber antenna - no problem signal goes to 9+.


  • Question !!   15 years 7 weeks ago

    I´m assuming you are hearing the ISS on 145.800mhz before you call on 145.200mhz.

    Make sure that your antenna is designed to transmit! Many scanner antennas will transmit but with a very low wattage limit or damage to the antenna may result. Maybe try a different antenna if you have access to one. If not, try building your own yagi- its useful for more than just ISS work.

    Your radio is perfectly capable of reaching the ISS so make sure you are using the correct frequencies. But I´d place your trouble at your antenna.

    Adam, KCØKVU

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago


    I had a QSO with Valery yesterday (30th Sept.) at 20:41 UTC via our clubstation DL0VW.

    Has anyone recorded that and could send me an audio file? Please email me!

    I used my Kenwood TM-D700 and a 11el. Yagi. Signal was a clean and real 59!

    73 de Steffen/DO4OSS

  • Have you seen the ISS with your naked eyes??   15 years 8 weeks ago

    This summer I was with my wife in Argentina and we had possibility to talk with Valery while I was pointing by hand my Arrow antenna (3 elements) directly to the lightly point in the sky (ISS).
    It was the first time with the Space Station. I had this possibility several years ago with MIR.
    But this time I was using a TH-D7 with only 2.5 watts power output.

    Ciao Claudio

  • Scheduled QSO´s?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hi Alain,

    yes we can arrange a contact schedule with a coordinator preparing a list of Amateur Radio Operators.
    I have a contact with VU2GMN Gopal from India to schedule a contact before Valery return on the Earth.
    Valery in this period is very busy: Progress preparation for undocking, New Progress arrive and the Shuttle ready for launch (docking for the weekend).
    After Shuttle, the arrive of the Soyuz TM for the taxi Crew.

    I will try to ask for a disponibility at the end of October. We hope to arrange two possibility: South America and India.

    We will investigate when there will be a good pass in the evening (Valery time) for this zones.

    Claudio IK1SLD.

  • Scheduled QSO´s?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    I see there are a lot of South American users who wish to make a voice contact.
    Maybe we could arrange something with Valeri to schedule a voice pass over that area?
    Anyone interested about this idea?

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hello all!
    I have 4 complete qso´s with valery, in the last 2 months.
    That was funny. I got the ISS QSL card after 3 weeks, after the first qso.
    My website (with chat for sat pass etc.)

    73 de Michael, DO8DW

  • How many passess you need to try before successfully uploading a message to the RS0ISS PMS?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    As I use my antenna on my balcony it takes me several passes until I can find a good oportunity to upload or download messages from ISS PMS. I also suffer from a strong interference on VHF from a cable operator that degradates the quality of the signal. For Packet this is very critical. So I consider a complete upload or download a big success for me.

  • Have you seen the ISS with your naked eyes??   15 years 8 weeks ago

    sounds great.
    can´t wait to see it myself.

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    I use a 4 elem.Yagi on my balcony and a TH-D7 with 5 watts output.


    Paulo, CT1ETE

  • How many passess you need to try before successfully uploading a message to the RS0ISS PMS?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    First try usually does the trick, just make sure of the ISS's visibility to the antenna, I use a Skeleton Slot 6x6, and 15 watts, it works fine.

    Percy, ZS4RA

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hey, my first rig was a 202!! You should be able to get to the ISS just fine with that 3ele beam. I was able to hear packet off the station with just the rubber duck that came with it. Even as low as 13 degrees of elevation. Good Luck!

    Adam, KCØKVU

  • Have you seen the ISS with your naked eyes??   15 years 8 weeks ago

    ISS is much more visible than was MIR.
    First time I saw It I was riding a motorcycle in the middle of a well illuminated city.
    While waiting under a red light, I saw it passing in the sky.
    It was unbelievable... It was so bright that I first tought It could not be ISS so I called Claudio (ik1sld) right away over the cellphone. He was watching it too!

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Thank you for the info.
    All I have at the momentis my ht(htx202) and a 3element beam.
    Hope it works.
    I am looking to get a new rig soon(ic706).
    Thanks again.

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    As far as equipment goes, you have a couple options. You can use an HT along with a gain antenna such as an Arrow antenna. What I use is my Icom 2100H with a 5ele yagi, however at 55W a 5/8wave mobile would more than likely do the trick. I´ve gotten into several LEOs that way as well.

    If you use a mobile (or even some HTs) like the 2100H it is a good idea to use the non-standard offset setting for your ISS memory channel. You would effectively be working the ISS as if it was a repeater with a 1.31mhz(-) offset! Just remember to reset the offset feature back to 600khz when you´re done so you don´t accidentally store a normal repeater with that huge, and incorrect, offset!

    Adam, KCØKVU [ This message was edited by: kc0kvu on 29-09-2002 13:54 ]

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    I would like to see HF so that more people

    can get in on the action, I say that because

    I run an AMSAT Net and would like to feed the audio out on the 2m Repeater that I use for the net. Right now it only includes

    the Amateur Satellite UO-14.

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    I was just wondering what kind of equipment you all are using?

    I am interested in talking to the ISS.

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hello all,
    I contacted Valery a few days ago and had a short chat with him. I tried to look for his personal call info on internet, so I could send him a postcard, but I couldn´t find anywhere... any ideas?
    should I send with the QSL to the info for RS0ISS?
    tnx for the help...
    73, Noel - PT2ND

  • From Member of Mir Fan Club 222....xe2arf...   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hello Fernando, it´s Daniel from Metz
    Best 73 to you, friendship

  • uncomplete qso´s   15 years 8 weeks ago

    I think that the shortness of qso´s is imposed by the system used.
    Ariss guys probably wanted to follow mir philosophy of a very simple system wich allows a very large number of users to be part of the game.
    Unfortunately there is no way to make normal qso´s on a fm pile up (unless you are the guy who voted for more than 1 KW in the uplink power poll hihi).
    There is also no way to prevent a good 80% of data loss during ax25 pass. (DM flags, packet collisions...)
    Comminicating with the ISS is "easy" and "for all", but is also very tricky in well populated areas like europe or usa.

  • QSO with Valery!   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hello Piero,

    I heard Valery replying you this evening.
    I have a recording of your QSO with RS0ISS, and if you want I can send you this file as mp3 or realaudio.

    Ciao a risentirci 73 de Claudio ik1sld

  • Very compliments   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Ciao Francesco,

    we are happy to see so more people following The Space Station.
    Ok for MIR Fan Club... we want do more to give all you an interesting internet tool.

    Thanks for your compliments

    73 the ISS FanClub Staff

  • iss pass 24-09-2002 list 21:36 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hi Jan,

    thanks for the posting.
    If you want to mantain the formatted text as seen on ISS PMS, it is necessary to put a tag HTML.

    PRE and H5 at the start of the formatted text and /H5 and /PRE at the end. All these tags as always between <>

    Example of post with these tags:

    *** CONNECTED to RS0ISS [24-Sep-02 00:38:39]
    Logged on to RS0ISS´s Personal Message System
    on board the International Space Station

    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    2215 P 02/09/23 21:36 P29JB VK4AKM G´day jim
    2214 P 02/09/23 20:34 AY4MMM LU9ED saludos de mar de ajo
    2213 P 02/09/23 20:05 RS0ISS ZL1KJ f5asd
    2212 P 02/09/23 18:09 RS0ISS JH4DHX I´ve a Special Request to Peggy
    2211 P 02/09/23 18:00 RS0ISS RE0RAS GL
    2209 BR 02/09/23 15:40 ALL LU8YYN Saludos desde Neuquen Arg
    2208 P 02/09/23 15:39 RS0ISS LU8YYN Hello Valery
    2207 P 02/09/23 14:48 RS0ISS RE0RAS TEST
    2205 BR 02/09/23 12:27 ALL LU5JB Saludos
    41877 Bytes free
    Next message Number 2216
    Mailbox selected: 3
    r 2205
    Stat : BR
    Posted : 02/09/23 12:27
    To : ALL
    From : LU5JB
    @ BBS :
    xID :
    Subject: Saludos

    Saludos desde Gualeguaychu
    Op. Alberto. pse. qsl a Ameghino 917 CP 2820 Gualeguaychu o bureau///

    r 2209
    Stat : BR
    Posted : 02/09/23 15:40
    To : ALL
    From : LU8YYN
    @ BBS :
    xID :
    Subject: Saludos desde Neuquen Arg

    Un saludo para todos los operadores de la ISS 73 de Luis


    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    2192 BR 02/09/23 04:21 ALL IK1SLD ISS Fan Club
    2179 P 02/09/22 02:05 RS0ISS IK1SLD Tnx for Voice Message
    - Logged off
    *** DISCONNECTED [24-Sep-02 00:39:47]

    PRE is for mantain format and H5 to have a more readable character

    Ciao from Italy ik1sld Claudio
    [ This message was edited by: ik1sld on 27-09-2002 00:31 ]

  • Hello From Florida   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hi KD4NSJ,
    happy to see so more people interested about ISS

    I was been in Kissimmee in 1998, when with IK3ZAW Veronica and IK3RIY Martino, I have seen the Endeavour STS-88 launch on December.
    We were invited by Sergei Krikalev U5MIR, a flight engineer on Endeavour.

    See you soon and thanks for your posting on the forum.

    73 de IK1SLD Claudio

    ISS FanClub Staff
    SpaceOnLine Satellite News

  • What would you like to see next on ISS?   15 years 9 weeks ago

    They once did it on MIR.

    9600 db / UHF. Unfortunately doppler was a problem for most operators (I remember night passes with only myself working the station..) so they came back to 1200.

    What they really need is something different from AX25 wich avoids packet data collision between "far" groundstations.


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