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  • Are the PMS Closed 28-11-2002 21:12 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    The PMS is open, I just send my first message to RS0ISS.

    50 W into a J-pole antenna, 3 meters above ground!

    Thanks to the makers of and the contributors to this site for all the very good information.


    Gert - K5WW

  • Are the PMS Closed 28-11-2002 21:12 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    No PMS again... Nov. 28, 2002 - 23:18 UTC

    Only see digipeater traffic and several stations trying to connect.
    More and more DM frames coming from ISS.

    73 Claudio IK1SLD

  • Are the PMS Closed 28-11-2002 21:12 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Another unsucessful pass here (22:55 utc). I counted 3 stations attempting to connect to the pms, CM8RKW, NJ2C and WF1F. All rejected.

    I agree with your summation though I guess the PMS could "think" the laptop is connected when it really isn´t . Then it´s time to reboot.


  • Are the PMS Closed 28-11-2002 21:12 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hello Jan and Kenneth,

    I think Valery or anyone forgot to disconnect from PMS after to have read messages. PMS is a single user connect.

    I think an USER value=2 or 3,4 will be affecting the RS0ISS callsign. But RS0ISS-1 will permit 1 connect only in any case.

    I will try at 23:10 UTC when ISS will pass over Europe.

    73 Claudio IK1SLD

  • Are the PMS Closed 28-11-2002 21:12 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    I too have seen several disconnect packets (including my own) when attempting to connect to RS0ISS-1. If I were to GUESS, then I´d say the laptop on station was connected and logged in to the PMS. Since the PMS only allows 1 user in at a time, the rest of us are out of luck.
    Any chance MaxUsers or Users could be set to 2 so the laptop could be constantly connected and we would still have 1 connection?
    Waiting for the 22:48 pass for Nov 28.
    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • List rs0iss 27-11-2002 out log 17:48 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    hello from argentine the web page very good (( I am members sep 02

  • members of IFC   15 years 8 weeks ago

    This is some good information.
    Thanks for taking the time to find all the statistics.

  • members of IFC   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hello Andrej and Jan,

    in this moment we haven´t implemented a statistics about Country and Members but in these days I have prepared manually a report about all registered Fans.
    Total is 620 from 46 Countries.

    You can find this graph at Statistics Nov. 26, 2002

    This is a static image and we will update it some times.

    Ciao IK1SLD for the ISS FanClub Staff [ This message was edited by: ik1sld on 28-11-2002 02:10 ]

  • List rs0iss-1 25-11-2002 23:18 00 utc   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Only out a Copy out Rxlog 26-11-2002 22:50 utc
    73 de jan pe2jmr

    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    787 PR 00/00/00 00:25 RS0ISS VK3TI RITA

    786 P 00/00/00 00:46 RS0ISS DL2BFN VALERY ISS-CREW

    785 B 00/00/00 00:08 TODOS EB7FME SALUDOS

    784 P 00/00/00 00:43 RS0ISS LW6DC Congrat.Exp.5 !!!

    783 P 00/00/00 00:18 KC2DJU ZL2VAL RS0ISS Hi Luigi

    782 P 00/00/00 00:12 CREW N7GCW ISS GREETINGS!!

    781 P 00/00/00 00:05 PY2BDY PY2NJ OLA

    780 P 00/00/00 00:01 RS0ISS PY2NJ Hello

    779 P 00/00/00 00:02 RS0ISS KD7TBK hello

    778 P 00/00/00 00:32 RS0ISS P29JB To Valery

  • members of IFC   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Hallo Andrej, Yes i am also interstate,
    i the users statistic of this page.
    Mebie are it not Implementing in this
    page software.

    73 de jan pe2jmr

  • rs0iss-1 passing 25-11-2002 00:45 utc only b.   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Same here (Houston, TX) on the 01:08 UTC pass. Beacon good and strong but unable to get packet through. ARISS page heard a couple of stations in the NE USA a few minutes later. Maybe they flipped the switch back to packet now.
    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • video feed?   15 years 8 weeks ago


    What kind of trick do you have to watch W2 bird?

    My coordinates are:
    52° 24´ 32" N
    010° 46´ 07" E


    52.40911° N
    010.76885° E

    Steffen / do4oss

  • video feed?   15 years 8 weeks ago


    I will see what I can find out. BTW, do you have C-Band capability? There might be a trick that I know of for you to get the W2 bird. I need your coordinates to work the problem.

    Good luck.

    73´s de N9OEW

  • HELP!! Need help on old MIR contact   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Laptop is a old government special I think.

    WYSI 486SLC

    Built like a tank, but old as dirt.

    I was told power pin is 1 and ground is opposite end ... opposite side. I dont have the chip IC # right now avaliable.

  • video feed?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Thanks a lot!

    I know NASA TV, but your satellite is faaaaar away from Europe and there is no way to get a signal - but broadband internet helps a lot

    But I was thinking about amateur radio things. Like ATV or SSTV.


  • video feed?   15 years 8 weeks ago


    I am unsure of what you are looking for exactly, however there is lots of video, both inside and outside as well as views of earth on NASA TELEVISION.

    You can either access this with a C-Band Dish or live download off of Nasa´s Site.

    NTV is broadcast on GE-2, transponder 9C, C-Band, located at 85 degrees West longitude. The frequency is 3880.0 MHz. Polarization is vertical and audio is monaural at 6.8 MHz.


    Good luck.

    73´s de N9OEW

  • HELP!! Need help on old MIR contact   15 years 8 weeks ago


    What is the Brand, Model, and Type of your laptop. I can´t promise anything but I am into laptops pretty heavy (11 online at this time). I will try to help if I can.

    73´s de N9OEW

  • How would you rate Valeri's ham radio performance onboard ISS?   15 years 8 weeks ago

    Before Valery arrived, the packet station seemed to be operational 50% of the time. Since Valery's arrival, the digi has been working 90%+ of the time and he has made a lot of hams happy with voice contacts. I personally talked with him 3 times. I also have 47 of the 60 contacts I need for my next AMSAT award.

    Thanks Valery! See you at Ellington.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • List RS0ISS-1 Nov. 19, 2002 - 22:10 UTC   15 years 9 weeks ago

    out RX LOG 19/20-11-2002 73 de jan pe2jmr

    Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
    644 P 02/11/20 02:42 RS0ISS WF1F Glad to help
    643 B 02/11/20 01:23 RS0ISS DL2BFN TO ALL
    642 P 02/11/20 01:21 PY4KS ON1BHL hello
    641 P 02/11/20 01:12 RS0ISS VO1CAT RE: LEONIDS
    640 PR 02/11/20 00:24 RS0ISS VK3TI Farewell
    639 BR 02/11/19 23:41 RS0ISS EA5SS HOLA A TODOS
    638 P 02/11/19 23:22 UA6UES LU4HE QSL
    637 P 02/11/19 22:48 RS0ISS VK4AKM Save Trip Back
    636 BR 02/11/19 22:16 RS0ISS DL2BFN ISS
    635 P 02/11/19 18:56 RS0ISS IT9TWC saluti from sicily[ This message was edited by: pe2jmr on 20-11-2002 21:11 ]

  • Connect whit rs0iss-1   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi Mark,

    on the site there is the ISS Packet Manual by Miles Mann with all info about packet system connection, commands list and much more.

    I have translated these manuals in italian and spanish (my wife) version and in PDF format too.

    You can find it on the INFO POINT section.

    Ciao 73 de IK1SLD Claudio [ This message was edited by: ik1sld on 07-11-2002 07:35 ]

  • Connect whit rs0iss-1   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Hello everyone...
    Yes I agree wholeheartedly. If you need commands list...possibly they could post them in a permanent message here.

    Also... some amatuers are still doing a LB on the PMS... and it locks up the PMS system ... I only use the system to SP and RM then ALWAYS DELETE ALL YOUR READ MESSAGES...or when you connect on the next pass...ISS listes unread and read message... PLS remember to delete your read messages.

    I try to keep my connection time under 60 seconds....

    Mark WL7LZ
    I also have a 8x11 certificate to all who connect QSO with me via ISS. WH6I) and N6CO have received a couple. Hope to see you all ISS. Remeber to have fun.

  • 2 meter all mode   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Never mind guys just bought a 2 month old yaesu ft-1500 for $120.

    Not a bad deal!

  • Tracking Program   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Hello. This is David EB4DEH from Madrid.

    I use SatScape Version 1.86 for ISS predictions and for all others sats.

    Very good graphics, very good prediction lists and very useful "skyline views".

    Test it and you will see.

    73 via Sat de David EB4DEH

  • ATV   15 years 11 weeks ago


    in this moment onboard ISS there is only a transceiver using 2mt frequencies.
    Packet and voice operations are normally used.
    SSTV is a future project and in this moment is waiting for NASA flight certification.
    I think SSTV will fly on ISS next year (latest news saying end 2003).

    73 Claudio IK1SLD

  • user list command: U ?   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi Jan,

    yes you are right... every connection to the PMS must be 1 min max +-.
    During a 1 minute connect, it is possible to read mail waiting and disconnect.
    Many times I see messages on PMS only reading the log after a pass over Europe and during a connection of PMS I can disconnect immediately if I haven´t mail waiting... connection is only 45-60 seconds.
    Using U command or Help etc etc waste a lot of time.
    Connections of 5-6 minutes limit PMS use to 1 or 2 users for pass. Normally it is possible 5-6 connection for pass.

    Ciao Claudio IK1SLD


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