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  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 36 weeks ago

    La ISS está callada desde hace mucho tiempo.. hace mas de un año hice QSO en fonía y no se ha vuelto a escuchar.. No creo que sea problema de "fronteras", en todo el mundo están callados.. 73 de XE1ZVO

  • Is ISS packet radio active at all?   14 years 36 weeks ago

    Probably is not the TNC, maybe the problem is the operators. Those guys are Hams but they´re working hard (i guess) on expermients and other stuff.

    Send the Guys AGW Packet Engine and forget the hardware!

  • VOICE CONTACT WITH DON PETTIT   14 years 38 weeks ago

    and I almost forgot my email address is if someone could point me in the right direction
    thanks KC0NOL-chad

  • VOICE CONTACT WITH DON PETTIT   14 years 38 weeks ago

    I have been monituring the ISS as it passas overhead with a vertical anntenna. I´m wondering if there is a hand-held beam that would work alot better. trying to make a voice contact

  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 38 weeks ago

    Hola Mario, has escuchado a la ISS por canada?. Un saludo para ti y los tuyos.

  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 38 weeks ago


  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 38 weeks ago


  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 39 weeks ago

    Gracias y saludos para todos especialmente para lu6fpj Facundo en Rosario y para Marcelo en Chile seguimos esperando en la noche, ya va a volver a escucharse
    Un cordial abrazo

  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 39 weeks ago

    Hola Gustabo, Marcelo desde Chile, yo tambien espero poder escuchar la ISS, hojala algun dia se acuerden que existimos.

    Cordiales 73´s y DX´s

  • pipistrello argentine online   14 years 39 weeks ago

    ¡Hola Gustavo! saludos desde Rosario...
    un abrazo.

  • Is ISS packet radio active at all?   14 years 40 weeks ago

    Nasa has been noticed more than once about this problem but I guess sending a TNC up there is no easy job.
    Plus, before sending a new one someone should be able to understand why two TNC´s failed in such a short time.

  • Is ISS packet radio active at all?   14 years 40 weeks ago

    What does NASA have to say on this? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    Matt, kc8bew

  • Is ISS packet radio active at all?   14 years 40 weeks ago

    Thanks Alain.

    Too bad the "all ham" crew doesn´t seem to be able to fix their ham radio equipment problems.

    If it´s still under warranty they should stop by the dealer, I know they can get there fast


    Gert - K5WW

  • Is ISS packet radio active at all?   14 years 40 weeks ago

    Hi Gert,

    ISS has been silent for a while. They are having problems with the TNC´s and the actual situation is contributing to make things even more difficult to solve.
    We all hope that this is just a period that will pass by.
    The only thing we can do at the moment is being patient.

    Alain IZ6BYY WW3WW

  • Crew 7 question   14 years 41 weeks ago

    hello Claudio no voice no packet frames in Argentine large night waiting to pass iss but
    well greetings for you and all issfanclub that read this post
    until later
    San Bernardo del Tuyu

  • Website Update   14 years 44 weeks ago


  • Great ISS site!   14 years 45 weeks ago

    Yes, I agree with you. Heavens-Above is a great web site. I use it almost everyday for ISS sightings and radio amateur satellite passes.

    73 de Mario, VA2VA

  • In South America there is Radioamateur....   14 years 49 weeks ago

    Saludos Fernando, que bueno poder escribir en español, gracias por la información, entonces habra que esperar a que la tripulacion 7 tenga un rato libre para hacer radio, ojala escuchen sobre suramerica.
    gracias nuevamente y quedo atento por este lado del mundo.

    Marcelo CE4LNM

  • In South America there is Radioamateur....   14 years 49 weeks ago

    Hola Marcelo ! Desafortunadamente la
    actividad en la ISS a veces no es la que uno
    qisiera; y la tripulacion 7 no ha estado ac-
    tiva; de hecho a excepcion de la tripulacion
    5 en donde Valery korzun salia a cada rato
    y por todos lados, ahora hay que tener mu-
    cha paciencia... Saludos de xe2arf Fernando
    en Aguascalientes Mexico. Te invito a mi
    sitio Web:

  • Crew 7 question   14 years 50 weeks ago


    the ISS has a fully licensed Crew.. in detail:

    ISS Expedition 7 crew:
    Ed Lu KC5WKJ
    Yuri Malenchenko RK3DUP

    Unfortunately since January we had a very rare transmission from the Space Station.
    Also ARISS contacts are off limits for the next several weeks due to the crew handover.

    We hope this Crew will operate the Amateur Radio Station

    73 de IK1SLD Claudio for the ISS FanClub Staff

  • In South America there is Radioamateur....   14 years 50 weeks ago

    Hello Claudio,

    I am Marcelo CE4LNM from Chile, I understand that there is not activity at this time from the ISS, hopefully with the arrival of the new crew the trasmisiones in voice increases especially on south america, since they have us a little thrown away, anyway we will continue attentive to the passings during the hour of I relax of the astronauts (15:00 to 22:00 UTC).

    Thank you Claudio for the answer.

    P.S.: one can write in Spanish that is but easy for my....

    Marcelo 73´s and DX´s

  • In South America there is Radioamateur....   14 years 50 weeks ago

    Hello Marcelo

    this is IK1SLD from Italy.. actually there is not activity from ISS
    We hope to have soon any transmissions in packet or voice from Space.

    Signals from ISS are very rare since January 2003.

    Ciao 73 de IK1SLD Claudio and the ISS FanClub Staff

  • How will the Columbia accident affect ISS development?   14 years 51 weeks ago

    To me ISS should be called space station Delta,or even better Korolov.So it`s maybe a bit strong,but i think it will go better!
    Now it`s even more like MIR 2,and don`t we know who have the most experience,dare to fly while taking risk to learn,and use the
    most tested k.i.s.s. tech.....
    And there is only one cosmoham,RZ3FK,
    also Russian.

    Chris PA5RWE

  • ISS Schools contact 4 April 18:29Z   15 years 2 weeks ago


    FWIW I have some rough video and audio at:

    I recommend that the larger files are downloaded and then played rather than opened directly with your media player (haven´t figured why that is yet).

    73 Howard G6LVB

  • ISS Schools contact 4 April 18:29Z   15 years 3 weeks ago

    (Please note that the actual time of the contact has been confirmed as 18:29Z, 19:29UK, 20:29 Continental Europe)
    From Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
    ARISS Vice Chairman


    The Rushey Mead secondary school is located in Leicester, UK. It is a State
    Secondary Comprehensive School for the 11-16 years old age range. It has a
    large number of pupils from ethnic minorities.

    The school has an excellent examination record and is particularly
    successful in science. The amateur radio club has been established in the
    Science Department for 20 years and has previously listened into the space
    shuttle including the very first Amateur Radio operations and also listened
    to the UK astronaut Helen Sharman when she was aboard MIR.

    The ground station to be used is the amateur radio club located in the
    nearby National Space Centre. This club was established in 2000 with the
    express purpose of demonstrating the amateur radio aspects of Space
    Communications to the many thousands of visitors to the Space Centre. By its
    efforts it is hoped that many new recruits will be made to the ranks of
    radio amateurs.

    The station holds the special exhibition callsign GB2NSC as well as M1NSC.
    It is active on VHF, UHF and Microwaves via the various amateur satellites.

    An ARISS School Contact has been scheduled with the students of Rushey Mead
    at the National Space Centre next Friday April 4, 2003 at 19:26 UTC, which
    is 20:26 UK time and 21:26 continental time.

    The students at Rushey Mead have prepared the following questions:

    1. My name is Kirsty. What made you interested in being an astronaut and do
    you like your job? OVER
    2. My name is Victoria. How long have you been interested in going into
    space and is your job good or bad? OVER
    3. My name is Rahul. How do you know what time to go to sleep? OVER
    4. My name is Kishan. How do you wash yourself and keep clean in space? OVER
    5. My name is Jatin. What does space look like from up there, what colour is
    it? OVER
    6. My name is Bhavin. How many years training do you have to do to be an
    astronaut? OVER
    7. My name is Vishal. What entertainment do you have up there, can you watch
    TV? OVER
    8. My name is Mitchell. What is the food like, (5 star)? Do you eat proper
    meals and if not how do you eat? OVER
    9. My name is Dhaval. What is the view like when you take off and how fast
    roughly are you travelling? OVER
    10. My name is Mehul. When you are in 0% gravity do you bang about on the
    equipment and do you break it? OVER
    11. My name is Neeraj. What kind of qualifications do you need to be an
    Astronaut? OVER
    12. My name is Trishan. Have you ever seen a mysterious object like a UFO?
    13. My name is Suraj. Can you see the planets and how does it feel to see
    these things? OVER
    14. My name is Jitesh. What parts of the Space Station do you have to
    complete before returning to Earth? OVER
    15. My name is Rajesh. Will there be a party when you get back? OVER
    16. My name is Raahul. Have you ever bumped your head on the ceiling and
    does it hurt? OVER
    17. My name is Kishan. What time is it on the space station, do you keep the
    same time as America or Russia? OVER
    18. My name is Bhavin. Have you got any pets on the space station? OVER
    19. My name is Jitesh. What experiments are you doing on the space station?

    Interested parties are invited to listen to the astronaut answering these
    questions on 145.800 MHz

    Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
    ARISS Vice Chairman


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