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ARISS school contact 27 april 2010


Belgium school contact with - Timothy Creamer, KC5WKI planned for Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This chance to participate in an ARISS project has been actively embraced by the Science faculty and it is here where the opportunities for curricular integration are gaining momentum. In our 1st Year Secondary (typically aged 11) students study forces, gravity, weight and basic ideas about ‘fields'. In the 2nd Year, studies of the Solar System, and well beyond, link directly to the Shuttle missions and the International Space Station. In Year 7 (the final Baccalaureate year, when most students are aged18) the Physics section on ‘Gravitational Fields' is mainly about the mechanics of planetary and satellite motion. Topics (and questions) are often presented within the context of NASA and ESA missions.

M0ODV – Sun, 2010 – 04 – 18 10:03

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