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Crew Prepares for Final Spacewalk, Transfers Cargo

Space Shuttle

After a morning off, Discovery astronauts got back to work moving equipment and supplies to and from the International Space Station and preparing for Tuesday's spacewalk, the third and last planned for their mission.

Mission Specialists Rick Mastracchio and Clayton Anderson configured their tools in the Quest airlock. After a review of spacewalk procedures with other crew members, they will again spend the night in the airlock, its pressure reduced to 10.2 psi. That campout is aimed at reducing the nitrogen in their blood to avoid decompression sickness.

The spacewalk, replanned after difficulties bolting down an ammonia coolant tank on Sunday caused some rescheduling, is to begin at 3:11 a.m. EDT Tuesday and last 6½ hours. Activities include finishing the complicated change out of the large ammonia tank assembly, retrieving micrometeoroid shields from outside the airlock and retrieving a light-weight adapter plate assembly.

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ARISS Status April 12, 2010


Topics in this report:
1. Upcoming School Contact
2. Astronaut Timothy Creamer Speaks with Italian Students via ARISS
3. ISS Ham Debrief Held with Astronaut Jeff Williams
4. ARISSat Presentation to be Given at Dayton Hamvention
5. Four Women in Space Hold Amateur Radio Licenses

1. Upcoming School Contact
An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been scheduled for Jessup Elementary School in Houston, Texas on Monday, April 19 at 18:43 UTC. This will be a telebridge connection through ground station WH6PN in Hawaii. The school has incorporated the ARISS activity into its curriculum, specifically focusing on science, math, and language arts instruction across the pre-kindergarten to fourth grade levels.

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