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Station Crew Works on Science, Prepares for Progress Undocking

ISS Status Report

The Expedition 19 crew aboard the orbiting International Space Station worked on science and prepared for the imminent undocking of the ISS Progress 32 spacecraft.

Flight Engineer Michael Barratt worked with the Smoke Point In Co-flow Experiment, also known as SPICE. This experiment determines the point at which gas-jet flames similar to a butane-lighter flame begin to emit soot in microgravity. Studying a soot-emitting flame is important in understanding the ability of fires to spread and in control of soot in practical combustion systems.

Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata collected samples with the Microbial Air Sampler Kit that will be used to detect microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in the air aboard the space station. These samples are evaluated to ensure that the air quality is safe for crew members.

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