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K5D and Mike, NA1SS success

ISS Amateur Radio

Come together from the beginning the participation of the DXpedition K5D the method of Ham Satellite. And following in the Spotts webpage, I noticed that the Mike Fincke, NA1SS had some calls and had not in K5D succeed.

So I decided to send an email (24/02/2009) to Mike, NA5U (KP1-P5 Project Leader), informing him that the astronaut was calling Desecheo Island.

Mike, NA5U kindly sent me an email reporting that the settings of the setup probably would not be correct, but he comes in contact with the team in K5D Desecheo Island.

The next day, 14:15 UTC (02/25/2009) the first pass of the ISS in the Brazilian coast, fortunately I got contact with Mike, NA1SS and told him that the team would be in K5D Desecheo Island QAP ISS repeater in the next pass.

PS8RF – Thu, 2009 – 02 – 26 11:07

Space Shuttle Program Completes New Plan for Next Launch

Space Shuttle

Wed, 25 Feb 2009 06:10:55 PM CST

NASA's Space Shuttle Program has established a plan that could support shuttle Discovery's launch to the International Space Station, tentatively targeted for March 12. An exact target launch date will be determined as work progresses with the shuttle's three gaseous hydrogen flow control valves.
At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, technicians have started removing Discovery's three valves, two of which will undergo detailed inspection. Approximately 4,000 images of each valve will be reviewed for evidence of cracks. Valves that have flown fewer times will be installed in Discovery. Engineering teams also will complete analysis and testing to understand the consequences if a valve piece were to break off and strike pressurization lines between the shuttle and external fuel tank. Hardware modifications may be made to the pressurization lines to add extra protection in the unlikely event debris is released.

N5VHO – Thu, 2009 – 02 – 26 10:13

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