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March 11th

NA1SS QSOs bring smiles in Hawaii

ISS Amateur Radio

Several radio amateurs in Hawaii are smiling this week after working ISS Commander Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, March 5 at the helm of NA1SS in space. "We had perhaps 12 to 15 stations--maybe more--make contact during the 8-minute, 20-second pass," reports Ron Hashiro, AH6RH. "I can tell you that all those stations were super, super excited to work Bill--especially some of those who scored their first space contact since becoming a ham." Acting on a tip that NA1SS might be on the air for the early-morning pass, Hashiro and four others set up on the beach at Waikiki, and he was the first and the last station to work NA1SS. The pass was not particularly ideal, but Hashiro said the NA1SS signal was "clear as a bell" considering the 1100-mile distance involved, coupled with 3 kHz of Doppler shift. Hashiro convened a net about 10 minutes before the 1:08 AM pass and got six check-ins. Incoming (and former) ARRL Pacific Section Manager Bob Schneider, AH6J, was among those snagging a contact with NA1SS, as was Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) veteran Earth station op Dick Flagg, AH6NM. Hashiro told ARRL that for McArthur to show up on the pass and be able to share it with others "really meant a lot to them and to me." On the beach (L-R in photo): Hans Kashiwabara, KH7GN; David Cabatu, AH7E; Ann Miller, KH6W; Ernie Murphy, NH7L, and Hashiro.

PY4MAB – Sat, 2006 – 03 – 11 21:28

March 7th

New ISS QSL cards


Hi all,

I saw the mention of the new QSL's being provided but did not find that anyone had yet posted a picture of one. It is a beautiful new card, and I recently received one for voice contact with Bill McArthur. If you'd like to see it, here is a link:

Stan, W4SV
Hanna, Indiana

w4sv – Tue, 2006 – 03 – 07 17:13

March 6th

Bill worked 127 countries

ISS Amateur RadioHello, thanks to last weekend efforts, the worked list has reached 127! Congratulations to the friends in Monaco, Senegal, Vatican City and all the others who kindly participated to the NA1SS DXCC Campaign. See the updated list here
iz6byy – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 06 14:52

March 5th

International Space Station Status Report

ISS Status Report

Entering the homestretch of a half-year mission, International Space Station Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev monitored the departure of one of two Russian cargo ships today.

Filled with trash and items no longer needed, the Progress 19 vehicle undocked from the Zvezda living quarters module at 5:06 a.m. EST. Three hours later, Russian flight controllers commanded its engines to fire to put it on course to plunge into the atmosphere and burn up over the Pacific Ocean. The cargo ship was docked to the station since September 2005.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 06 03:08

New Station Plan Sees Assembly Complete in 16 Shuttle Flights

ISS News

Heads of space agencies partnering in the International Space Station Thursday announced a sequence of space flights that would result in completion of the orbiting laboratory by 2010.

The agencies unanimously endorsed the plan which focuses initially on assembly of the space station and defers utilization. Leaders of U.S, Canadian, French, Japanese and Russian space agencies all praised the updated plan.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 06 03:05

ARISS Contact Cards


After receiving the new ARISS QSL cards (postcards used to confirm general contacts), ARRL Headquarters' staff has now fulfilled the
backlog of 100 cards. They have currently collected 43 cards toward Bill's Worked All States award.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 06 03:03

Astronaut Training Status


A second class in Amateur Radio license training was held on Friday, February 24. Astronauts Jim Dutton, Shane Kimbrough, and Tom
Marshburn attended. Astronauts Chris Cassidy, Randy Bresnik and Bobby Satcher will be scheduled for their second session at a later date.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 06 03:02

Space Station Crew Discards Unmanned Cargo Ship

ISS News

Two astronauts cast off a spent cargo ship from the International Space Station (ISS) early Friday in move that will free up a docking port outside the orbital laboratory.

ISS Expedition 12 commander Bill McArthur and flight engineer Valery Tokarev undocked the Russian-built Progress 19 vehicle, an unmanned supply ship that sat at the aft end of the station's Zvezda service module since its Sept. 10 arrival.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 06 03:01

March 1st

Harry Hallyburton ARISS QSO on IRLP 9010


Live audio from the Harry L. Hallyburton ARISS contact with NA1SS will be available on IRLP "Discovery" Reflector 9010. This event is scheduled to take place on Friday, March 3 @ 1816 UTC via VK5ZAI (Kingston, SE, Australia). The audio feed to 9010 will begin at 1807 UTC.

Streaming audio will also be available at the "Discovery" Reflector's companion website (please note a 2-3 minute delay on this stream).

A complete listing of upcoming ARISS/IRLP events that will be distributed through 9010 is posted on the "Discovery" websites Event Page .

VE1WPH – Wed, 2006 – 03 – 01 16:18

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