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Astronaut McArthur talks about suisat batteries

ISS Amateur Radio

4th Feb 2006, astronaut McArthur about Suisat:

Well you know where there is a will there is a way, so maybe folks we will
try again we've got more suits that need to be jettison, actualy it was
pretty well setup and it wasn't that difficult for us to execute.

Thats what we've heard as soon as we came in the
hatch yesterday a few minutes later I turned on the radio we should have
been pretty close and didn't hear anything!
You know my source was the houston chronical newspaper, this morning and thats
what I've read, although its the same battery we use in our space suits so I would think
they would handle the temperature but its hard to say ofcourse or bodies
produceing heat and so maybe that keeps the batteries warm but the batteries
are actualy are in an external compartiment on the space suit.

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