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Becoming Amateur Radio just to talk to Sergei

ISS Amateur Radio

Between all the successful stories of people sending greetings to Sergei Krikalev the story of Maryam 9K2MD probably deserves special attention.
Maryam is a young girl from Kuwait City who got her Amateur Radio licence this year just to be able to talk to Sergei Krikalev.
I met her when I noticed that a good amount of the visitors coming to this website were being referred by her blog that talks about space.
She got immediately interested about the possibility of actually talking to the ISS and so she started studying to become an amateur radio operator.
I think the process was more complicated than what it would have been in the USA or here in Europe. For sure it took much more time, but at the end she did it.
Then she managed to find and buy a VHF radio and after many tries, with the help of her little sister who kept turning and elevating by hand a 5 elements yagi she finally succeeded.

Congratulations Maryam!

iz6byy – Sun, 2005 – 08 – 28 19:34

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