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November 29th

Italian students meet Italian astronaut


Yesterday November 28 I had the opportunity to meet the Italian astronaut Colonel Roberto Vittori IZ6ERU.
He was in my city for a conference and three students of Istituto Comprensivo F. Negri of Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), with great emotion, have been able to talk with him.
Wednesday 9 November, 20 students of Comprensivo Negri spoke with the ISS Commander Colonel Bill McArthur during an ARISS scheduled contact and yesterday evening was an important meeting to close the project started on May 2004.

This is a LINK to the photo album of the meeting

73' Claudio Ariotti IK1SLD

IK1SLD – Tue, 2005 – 11 – 29 16:02

NA1SS Contact with Naval Academy

ISS Amateur Radio

Did anyone get a recording of NA1SS voice contact
at 1916z over SE USA? And did he say Go Navy Beat
Army or Go Army beat Navy?

We will be using APRS to track the annual running of
the Army/Navy game ball from Annapolis to Philly
on Friday 2 Dec with WEB page:

de W3ADO US Naval Academy Club Station

PY4MAB – Tue, 2005 – 11 – 29 15:21

ARRL's New Book Mentions ISS Ham Contacts

ISS Amateur Radio

ARRL has released, for sale, the first edition of a brand new book, "Basic Radio, Understanding the Key Building Blocks." The first page of one chapter features a large NASA photograph of astronaut Leroy Chiao, who earned ham radio call sign KE5BRW. The descriptor explains that Leroy set a record in space. His record was making 23 educational radio contacts with school students while leading Expedition 10 aboard the International Space Station.

PY4MAB – Tue, 2005 – 11 – 29 15:19

ARISS Event - Ralph McCall School Friday at 17:59 UTC


The second scheduled International Space Station's Expedition 12 ARISS school contact this week will be with students at Ralph McCall School, Airdrie Alberta, Canada on 02 December 2005. The event is scheduled to begin at approximately 17:59 UTC.
This contact will be direct between stations NA1SS and VE6JBJ.

IK1SLD – Tue, 2005 – 11 – 29 10:07

NA1SS very active, be grateful

ISS Amateur Radio

I don't know how many of you also monitor or but Bill McArthur has been very active over the past few days.

N5VHO – Tue, 2005 – 11 – 29 10:00

PY4MAB from Brazil talk again with Expedition 12

ISS Amateur Radio

Yes gentleman´s I´m talk again with expedition 12, but this contact is diferent because i´m talk with Valery Tokarev to. first talk with Willian and William said about Tokarev and he coming. Tokarev is my 3 contact with russiam cosmonaut abord international space station.

Mauricio Beraldo PY4MAB

great great great great great great great

PY4MAB – Tue, 2005 – 11 – 29 09:59

November 28th

Ralph McCall School To Contact ISS - December 02, 2005


This Is A Special News Bulletin From QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151

This is one of those moments where I can say I am proud to be president of QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151. Why? As the sponsoring organization we agreed to assist with an ARISS application in order for school kids to talk with the licensed amateur radio astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS).

We are pleased to announce that after approximately 17 months this will come to fruition on December 02, 2005 beginning at 17:59 UTC.

VE6AFO – Mon, 2005 – 11 – 28 04:12

ARISS Event - Hawthorne Brook Middle School Tuesday at 18:24 UTC


The next International Space Station's Expedition 12 ARISS school contact will be with students at Hawthorne Brook Middle School in Townsend, MA, USA on 29 November 2005. The event is scheduled to begin at approximately 18:24 UTC.

This contact will be direct between stations NA1SS and N1CSH. It should be audible to anyone in the northeast United States and southern portions of Quebec and Ontario listening in on the 145.80 MHz downlink. The participants are expected to conduct the conversation in English.

IK1SLD – Mon, 2005 – 11 – 28 04:10

November 25th

AE7MC makes Voice contact with ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

AE7MC, 9 year old Mattie Clauson - made brief voice contact with Commander William McArthur on the ISS. Although the contact was brief, Mattie called "NA1SS this is AE7MC" and was acknowledged just as the pass faded out. Mattie is more excited than ever about trying to make further voice contacts with the crew aboard the ISS.
Mattie is using a Yaesu FT-3000 on a 20 amp Astron power supply feeding a Hustler G7 vertical antenna.
Visit Matties home page at:

ae7mc – Fri, 2005 – 11 – 25 13:17

Lost Items Usually Turn Up Eventually Aboard ISS, Astronaut Tells Students


International Space Station Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, told middle schoolers in Missouri and elementary schoolers in Japan that he's enjoying his stay in space. McArthur spoke November 16 with youngsters at Hermann Middle School near St Louis, and the following day with students at Takatsuki Education Center in Japan. The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program arranged both direct VHF contacts. McArthur told one youngster in Missouri that lost items typically turn up sooner or later.

PY4MAB – Fri, 2005 – 11 – 25 13:16

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