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Voice On ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

I was delighted to hear Mike Fincke on 145.800 on Sunday, here in Cottonwood, Az. during the 9:00 AM pass. The signal was loud and clear, but I had not prepared the radio for split operation yet as I was preparing for the 10:30 pass!
I was not able to talk, but enjoyed hearing him with the other stations!

Mike K7NRA

K7NRA – Mon, 2004 – 06 – 28 10:47

Another DID does ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

My father, Ron Gorzynski, K8DID and an AMSAT Life Member, has worked the ISS twice, along with the space shuttle and MIR numerous times but today was my turn. Visiting my parents this Field Day, we were there listening for the call with each pass and working packet when no voice was heard. Then finally, the signal we had waited for was there - - loud and clear competing with the sound of my excited heart beating loudly in my chest. It's a moment I will never forget..."K7DID this is NA1SS"!! What a treat it was today to have the privilege of working the ISS from my father's QTH.

K7DID – Mon, 2004 – 06 – 28 09:00

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