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July 27th

1 and 5 August contact to schools by italian on ISS (IZ0JPA) Nespoli on ISS !

28 July with the Soyuz MS-05 go to ISS space station our italian ham-radio

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespli IZ0JPA , docking in tha night !

ARISS NEXT CONTACT TO SCHOOLS by italian ham-radio Paolo IZ0JPA :

Tuesday 1 August :

VCP-Bundeszeltplatz, Großzerlang, Germany, direct via DP9S The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS The scheduled astronaut is Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA Contact is a go for: Tue 2017-08-01 18:20:35 UTC 46 deg

Saturday 5 August

IW2BSF – Thu, 2017 – 07 – 27 06:23

July 17th

REPEATER on ISS.... is active now or ? info

G7HCE say in other post here:

"Some stations were able to work through the crossband repeater in between the retransmissions but the crew changed the schedules and switched them off early to save battery life but the TM-D710 was left on in Crossband repeat and groundstations were able to work through 437.050 uplink and 145.800 downlink. "

ok...GREAT, but ... i undestand:

1) But this REPATER ....NOW is active or off ? (17 july )

2) this repeater is abord ISS or in an Tabusha sat ?

3) for EUROPE the upload frq is 437.050 or different ?

thank for infos.... best 73

IW2BSF – Mon, 2017 – 07 – 17 06:19

July 16th

Greetings messages from Tanusha-2 from inside the ISS

Live from the shack of James Preece greeting messages fromTanusha-2 inside the ISS.
Notice call sign is S7S

2e1avx – Sun, 2017 – 07 – 16 06:51

Greeting messages recorded from Tanusha-1 from inside the ISS

Live from the shack of James Preece M0JFP here are several short videos from Tanusha-1 greetings messages in various languages, notice the cass sign S6S

2e1avx – Sun, 2017 – 07 – 16 06:50

ISS repeater QSO 8th July 2017 (UK)

I was really happy and surprised to be able to work the ISS repeater last weekend, I made a few qso and you will hear the excitement in the recording!

uplink 437.050 downlink usual 145.800 (hear me spin the tuning dial...

2e1avx – Sun, 2017 – 07 – 16 06:49

July 15th

20 July contact to Conference in Whashington DC - USA !

An International Space Station school contact has been planned with participants at ISS R&D conference, Washington, D.C. on 20 July.

The event is scheduled to begin at approximately 13:23 UTC. It is recommended that you start listening approximately 10 minutes before this time. The duration of the contact is approximately 9 minutes and 30 seconds. The contact will be a telebridge between NA1SS and W6SRJ. The contact should be audible over the west coast of the U.S.

IW2BSF – Sat, 2017 – 07 – 15 07:46

July 7th

CQ ISS REPEATER on 145.800 ?

10.39z 145.800 heared TM24TDF CALLING "CQ ISS REPEATER" ?
mixed with voices from the Tabusha-1 sat..
Any hint ?

73 de EC1AME

ea1uro – Fri, 2017 – 07 – 07 06:46

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