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July 23rd

breaking new sally ride dies

at age 61 america's most famous women astrount dies july 23 2012 from a 17 month battle with cancer she was the first american women to go in space her first mission was sts 7 and the sts47g she had a masters degree and phd in physical sciences and a bachelor's degree in English and physics she became a professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego and Director of the California Space Institute.

griffinh – Mon, 2012 – 07 – 23 18:40

July 20th

this will be good for this site

i feel like this website needs to form a panel of people who reperesent space we really need the panel for that and also to help run this site i would be interested in being on the panel please coment to say if you want to be on the panel

griffinh – Sat, 2012 – 07 – 21 00:43

July 17th

Working the Voice Repeaters

The freqs are correct, eh? There is one cross-band split repeater that is U/v and the other is V/u with PL? And the UHF freq on both of these is the same -- 437.800? One repeater the UHF is up and on the other it is down?

Since one does not know the schedule of when things are turned on (is this correct?) then it would seem that one needs to listen on 437.800 before doing anything. If you hear someone there, then you know to use the V/u with PL. If you don't, then switch to the VHF downlink freq (145.800) and listen.

KC9VVJ – Tue, 2012 – 07 – 17 20:10

July 13th

Program 5 SPLIT memory channels for ISS UHF packet!


Due the doppler effect the ISS packet frequency on
UHF chance verry fast (much faster compared to VHF!).
If you program 5 split memory channels in your
transceiver (or HT) you can work the ISS packet
the whole pass.
For high elevation passes with ISS at AOS start
with M1 and you can work the ISS UHF packet system
several minutes.
The doppler effect chance verry fast when the ISS comes
close, go to M2 and if the ISS is at maximum -
elevation than go to M3.

M1 437.560Mhz 437.540Mhz
M2 437.555Mhz 437.545Mhz

pd0rkc – Fri, 2012 – 07 – 13 07:53

July 12th

we need online chat

this site could defently use an online chat it would be a great idea for our website please respond to this tell me what you think i think it would be a great thing for this website so everyone could talk to each other about what they have found out about iss if you agree please respond

griffinh – Thu, 2012 – 07 – 12 13:07

July 11th


Greetings to all..

I have been enjoying working the ISS over the last few weeks on both VHF and UHF..
I have started reading up on telemetry over the last few weeks and was curious if there is any "easy" telemetry avail for any of the ham birds? I am assumming all the ISS info is secure through the TDRS? Are there any "filters" I can place in the APRS log-in to view telemetry being RX by others?

Thanks for the help-

North Carolina (FM15)

WU2V – Wed, 2012 – 07 – 11 20:37

July 4th


Hi, someone can help me to setup yausu ftm 350 for aprs operations via iss?
73's Mike

LU3EMB – Wed, 2012 – 07 – 04 23:32


Hi, someone can help me to setup yausu ftm 350 for aprs operations via iss?
73's Mike

LU3EMB – Wed, 2012 – 07 – 04 23:32

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